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For 15 months during World War II a 60-acre site 50 miles northeast of Warsaw became a symbol of hatred — from July 23, 1942 until Oct. 19, 1943, at least 800,000 people, Jews and some Gypsies were killed at Treblinka, one of the Nazis’ infamous killing fields on Polish soil.

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Susan Nussbaum, a playwright and novelist confined to a wheelchair for decades, says she doesn’t really think about her disability. Her faith, she told a standing-room-only audience of some 300 people at Congregation Rodeph Sholom on the Upper West Side Monday night, comes from resilience and from “people capable of tremendous love and flexibility and creativity — for me that’s enough.”

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The cuisine and the chefs in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district last week were a fusion of two cultures.

For four days, two haute cuisine chefs, chums from the Food Network, Eric Greenspan, in dark T-short, and Roberto Treviño, combined their culinary skills at what they know best: Jewish cooking and Latin cooking, respectively.

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What keeps Abraham Foxman, the national direct of the Anti-Defamation League, up at night?

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This month marks a minor anniversary in Israel — the “Lonely Planet” travel guide publisher a year ago placed Israel’s Negev desert second on its list of the world’s top 10 regional travel destinations for 2013.

“For decades the Negev was regarded as nothing but a desolate desert,” the guide stated. “But today, this region is a giant greenhouse of development. Think eco-villages, spa resorts and even wineries. In the next few years a new international airport at Timna is scheduled to open, followed by a high-speed railway to Eilat and more hotels.”

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Don’t let your eyes fool you.

It’s not a real Jewish wedding.

The “bride” and “groom” aren’t really Jewish. Either are most of the “parents” or the “rabbi.”

But the Jewish spirit was real.