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Shut out from the medals podium at the Summer Olympics in London three years ago, Israeli athletes returned home from their latest international sporting competition with better results last week.

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When you think university rowing races, you think Oxford-Cambridge on the Thames, or Harvard-Yale on (Connecticut’s) Thames.

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Four college students, alumni of The Jewish Week’s Write On For Israel educational project, were honored for their pro-Israel leadership on campus at Write On’s 2015 graduation ceremonies June 11 at Park Avenue Synagogue.

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This coin probably was not worth very much when it was minted three millennia ago, but it’s priceless to contemporary historians and archaeologists.

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For the past couple of decades, appetizing fans in the know have made a weekly pilgrimage to a Greenpoint, Brooklyn factory. There, a 60-year-old fish-smoking plant offers retail shoppers a wealth of delicacies — from fatty sable tail to peppery pastrami lox and much, much more — all at bargain-basement prices.

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In its glory days, in the early years on the 20th century, the Dar Bishi synagogue in Tripoli, in the capital’s Old City a few blocks from the Mediterranean, was the pride of Libyan Jewry; it was considered the most beautiful Jewish house of worship in the country.