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Call it “Raiders of the Found Ark.”

Two months ago, Tamid, a new liberal congregation that holds services and classes in a variety of downtown locations, began raising money to build an ark to hold its Torah scroll.

A week and a half ago, Tamid’s Rabbi Darren Levine got an e-mail from Jason Friedman, an architect who had attended Tamid’s High Holy Days services.

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Ambassador Yehuda Avner’s life story seems to encapsulate the 20th-century Jewish experience. Born in 1928, he made aliyah alone at 17 from Manchester, England, fought in the War of Independence, helped found Kibbutz Lavi in the Galilee, became a diplomat (including consul general of New York and ambassador to Great Britain) and served five Israeli prime ministers as senior adviser.

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As it always does this time of year, Israel passed through its days of national schizophrenia.

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In contemporary Germany, where some 200,000 Jews live amid 82 million Germans, there is little chance for most Germans to meet a Jew.

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Bulgaria recently recalled its record during the Holocaust.

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During the year, the Jewish Community Project Downtown, a family-oriented educational organization in Tribeca that serves Jewish families who live in Lower Manhattan, sponsors a series of classes and seminars, and a Hebrew School Project.