04/16/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

As it always does this time of year, Israel passed through its days of national schizophrenia.

04/09/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

In contemporary Germany, where some 200,000 Jews live amid 82 million Germans, there is little chance for most Germans to meet a Jew.

04/03/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

Bulgaria recently recalled its record during the Holocaust.

03/25/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

During the year, the Jewish Community Project Downtown, a family-oriented educational organization in Tribeca that serves Jewish families who live in Lower Manhattan, sponsors a series of classes and seminars, and a Hebrew School Project.

03/19/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

South by Southwest, an annual music and film festival in Austin, Texas, has been around since 1987 yet has managed to maintain its geeky hipster street cred, attracting more than 2,000 artists and 30,000 of the young folk who love them, at its run last week.

03/12/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

Two years ago, as Morocco adopted a new constitution while the Arab Spring raged throughout the Arab world, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI reached out to his country’s small Jewish population. He called for the renovation of all Jewish houses of worship in Morocco, so they could serve as centers for cultural dialogue.