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Two years ago, as Morocco adopted a new constitution while the Arab Spring raged throughout the Arab world, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI reached out to his country’s small Jewish population. He called for the renovation of all Jewish houses of worship in Morocco, so they could serve as centers for cultural dialogue.

03/05/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

For Rebecca and Leon Zinger The Jewish Week’s Grand Wine Tasting at City Winery is the perfect place to toast their anniversary.

02/26/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

A group of connoisseurs recently enjoyed an early taste of Passover.

02/19/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

Torah scroll? Check! Prayerbooks? Check! Shovels? Check!

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A nightmare began in Berlin 80 years ago.

On Jan. 30, 1933, German President Paul von Hindenburg, a respected but aging leader, yielded to political pressure and swore in as the country’s chancellor the Austrian-born leader of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi Party) whom he dismissively called that “Bohemian corporal.”

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Passover — or at least a flavor of it — came early for a few thousand people this week.