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Yes, those are children dressed as Santa Claus—Israeli Arab children.

In Jaffa, a mixed Jewish-Arab part of the Greater Tel Aviv municipality, which plays a prominent role in the New Testament and is home of the famed St. Peter’s Church and to some 6,500 Christian residents, Christmas becomes visible each year – unlike in most of Israel, where it is barely noticed.

12/03/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

Many of Israel’s Bedouins, nomadic Arabs who have become less nomadic over the last two centuries, face the prospect of forced urbanization.

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The thanks — the hugs and kisses and tears — started as soon as Masha Pearl arrived at Emily Kessler’s apartment on the Upper West Side last week.

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On the way to Warsaw to attend a United Nations climate conference this week, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made another stop in Poland.

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During the Third Reich, the Brandenburg Gate, a landmark in the center of the German capital, was a symbol of Nazi supremacy, through which uniformed soldiers would march.

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For 15 months during World War II a 60-acre site 50 miles northeast of Warsaw became a symbol of hatred — from July 23, 1942 until Oct. 19, 1943, at least 800,000 people, Jews and some Gypsies were killed at Treblinka, one of the Nazis’ infamous killing fields on Polish soil.