02/02/2016 - 17:30 | | Staff Writer | Lens

In France, which is becoming an increasingly unsafe place for Jews — especially those who openly identify as Jews — it is particularly dangerous for Jewish men to wear a kipa in public.

01/26/2016 - 18:28 | | Staff Writer | Lens

In Warsaw, “march” came in January. A march in support of Israel, that is.

On a sunny, cold day, several hundred Poles, most of them Christians, made a nearly two-mile trek through the streets of the capital earlier this month to show their support for Israel during what the organizers called the current “third intifada.”

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Take 1,000 pounds of flour and 7,000 ounces of water, fold in 1,000 eggs and what do you have?

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Sometimes the participants in the multiethnic, multireligious programs sponsored by The Bridge dance together. Sometimes they sing together.

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Last January was a black time in the City of Lights.

This week some light is returning to Paris.

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Nearly two millennia ago, it was the courtyard of a wealthy family who lived in the coastal plain of Palestine.

Today, it is public property in Israel.