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04/02/2014 | | Culture Editor | Gift Guides

Barbara Shaw tells the entire story of Passover on this bold, Pharaoh-print cloth that might be a tea towel or a table cover ($19). Her work is designed and made in Israel; the icons are hand-printed on linen, here in brick red. Born in Australia and now living in Jerusalem, Shaw blends ancient themes and contemporary design in her original textile work.

11/19/2013 | | Culture Editor | Gift Guides

A Chanukah History

One of the first English words to appear in the Yiddish newspapers in the early years of the 20th century was “present,” Dianne Ashton explains in “Hanukkah: A History” (NYU Press). A gift at Chanukah seemed like a very American gesture. Editors urged gift giving, and advertisers soon linked holiday emotions and shopping.