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01/30/2014 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | A Rabbi's World

Partly because my daughter had asked me to, but also because I enjoy live performances of music, I watched the Grammy Awards last Sunday night.  In all honesty, I should say I watched the Grammys until I nodded off in my very comfortable chair, but I saw a good deal.

01/24/2014 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | A Rabbi's World

It has long been considered the case in Judaism that there is no “catechism” that one needs to subscribe to in order to be a Jew.  We are, for the most part, much more a community that measures a person’s commitment to the covenant by what he/she does- the mitzvot they perform- than one that cares about being able to say “I do” to a set of neatly and very specifically articulated beliefs.

01/16/2014 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | A Rabbi's World

Perhaps it’s because he always seems so full of himself, or maybe it’s that he has never displayed even an iota of self-doubt, or that he always seems to take such delight in belittling questioners and critics …  It may well be for one of these reasons or quite a few others, but I have to admit to more than a little schadenfreude as I watch New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s carefully constructed persona slowly come apart before our eyes. 

01/10/2014 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | A Rabbi's World

Like all other professionals who engage in counseling, rabbis are trained to know and believe that hearing one side of a story does not tell you all you need to know.  Whether it is a marriage that is in trouble or friends who have become estranged from each other, a professional may well ultimately choose to have the parties involved come in together for counseling.  But it is rare indeed that said professional would not see the parties individually before dealing with them as a pair.

01/02/2014 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | A Rabbi's World

With two of our four children home over the December holiday break, my wife and I decided to go “old school” with them and take a road trip.

12/20/2013 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | A Rabbi's World

For most of my thirty-two years as the rabbi of the Forest Hills Jewish Center, I have been teaching a weekly class to our Hebrew High School students who attend public high schools.