A Serpent In Catskills’ ‘Garden?’

As an anti-bungalow backlash flares, critics and zoning codes say ‘enough is enough.’

07/07/2015 - 20:00
Associate Editor

Woodbourne, N.Y. — Summer comes to the Catskills like Creation itself, each day a revelation: The Neversink River flows to waterfalls. A moon rises over ice caves. There are salamanders in the grass, bears in the forest, a bald eagle in the sky. In the Sullivan County hamlet of Callicoon, just prior to the solstice, farmers parade 260 tractors. One trucker for Balford Farms, driving along the Delaware River on a June morning, spied a wounded bald eagle in a ditch, saving its life.

A colony in the rain: A summer tradition is threatened by zoning and resentment. Courtesy of Vos Iz Neias

The First Great 200K Route 17 Relay Race (for charity)

Steven Friedman tells us about a long-distance (125 mile, 200 kilometer) relay race on July 28, from Brooklyn to Loch Sheldrake, along Route 17 and its "Blue Highway" cousins.

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