The Kindness Of Strangers And The Strangeness Of Family

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Rabbi Heschel’s famous saying that when he was younger, he admired people who were clever, but as he grew older, he admired people who were kind.  There is genius in that, in recognizing that kindness is key, to everything.  And most especially when there’s a disabled child in the mix. 

Nina Moglinik

Jewish Schools Are Failing Kids With Disabilities -- And Themselves

About a month ago, The Forward ran the story “Should Every Disabled Child Get a Jewish Education?” which frames the issue as follows: Jewish parents want their kids with learning differences to attend Jewish day schools, but financially strapped Jewish day schools say that they can only go so far in meeting their needs. I, along with others parents of kids excluded from Jewish schools, was interviewed for this piece.

David Bernstein
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