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Europe: Hamas Not A Terror Group


The European Court of Justice ruled last week that Hamas is not a terrorist group after all. The decision is the latest indication of Europe’s increasing embrace of the Palestinian cause and vexation with Israel.

Leaked EU Document: Sanctions Against Israel Under Consideration


The European Union is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continued settlement building, according to a leaked document.

Compromise Reached, Israel To Participate In EU Research Project


The European Union excludes Israeli entities outside the Green Line from its loan programs and its competitions for grants and prizes, but Israel will nonetheless be able to participate in the Union’s flagship research and development program, Horizon 2020, the Jerusalem Post reported.

EU Actions: Two Steps Back, One Step Forward


Many American Jews, understandably, think of Israeli foreign relations as focused almost exclusively on the United States.

The EU’s Obstacle To Peace


Among our Lamentations this week was the news on Tisha b’Av that the European Union would cease all funding and cooperation with Israeli activity beyond the Green Line (1967 borders). This diplomatic and economic ostracism includes not only the entirety of the West Bank but even the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem — the place, of course, of the Temple Mount and Kotel, our holiest sites.

EU Condemns Israeli Settlements

European Union calls on Israel to cancel construction, avoid 'undermining' Palestinian Authority's finances.


The European Union called on Israel to cancel planned construction in West Bank settlements and “avoid any step undermining the financial situation of the Palestinian Authority.”

The European Union made the appeal in a document published Tuesday titled “Council conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process,” which came out of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels the previous day.

The European Union's headquarters in Brussels. Getty Images

EU Parliament Certifies Israeli Pharmaceuticals

Israeli pharmaceutical standards equal Europe's, can be marketed there without further control.


The European Parliament voted in favor of simplifying the sale of Israeli pharmaceuticals within the European Union.

With Tuesday's vote in Strasbourg, France, the parliament approved “a very important technical-commercial agreement,” Yigal Palmor, a spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told JTA in an email.

Jerusalem-based Teva is the world's largest manufacturer of generic drugs. Getty Images

Erekat: EU Countries to Upgrade Palestinian Missions


JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Some 10 European Union countries have plans to upgrade the status of their Palestinian diplomatic missions, lead negotiator Saeb Erekat said.

The upgrades would bring the missions one step closer to becoming embassies whose officials enjoy full diplomatic immunity, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Norway decided last week to upgrade the status of its Palestinian mission, which encouraged the Palestinians to approach several European countries about following suit, Erekat told the Palestinian Ma'an news service.

EU Will Not Recognize Unilaterally Declared Palestinian State


(JTA) -- The European Union will not recognize Palestinian statehood until an "appropriate" time, its Foreign Affairs Council said in a statement.

The 27 EU foreign ministers meeting Monday in Brussels issued the statement in response to a letter from Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat to EU foreign policy head Catherine Ashton asking the body to join those countries that already have recognized a unilaterally declared Palestinian state.

Argentina and Brazil announced their support last week of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.

Populists’ Anti-Islam Message Has European Jewish Leaders Worried


BERLIN (JTA) -- Geert Wilders, the rock star of European politics, is riding the crest of a populist tsunami.

As the pro-Israel founder of Holland’s Party of Freedom lets loose recently in Berlin, shouting that Islam is a threat to Germany’s identity, democracy and prosperity, his audience of 500 reacts with an evangelical zeal, offering big-time applause and standing ovations.

“Stand by the side of those who are threatened by Islam, like the State of Israel and its Jewish citizens,” he exhorts the crowd.

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