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Kiev Jews Get $100K From European Jewish Congress For Security Needs


The European Jewish Congress has given $100,000 to the Jewish community of Kiev in order to strengthen security.

Denmark Synagogue Attack Seen As ‘Wake-up Call’

Synagogue shooting comes amid an escalation in anti-Semitic incidents.


From the window of the Jewish Community of Copenhagen’s crisis center, Finn Schwarz can see his country changing before his eyes.

Danish and an Israeli flag are seen among flowers and candles honoring the shooting victims outside the main synagogue.Getty

Jews Increasingly Questioning Future

In wake of Paris attacks, and arrest of jihadis in Belgium, fears over whether fabric of Jewish life will irreparably fray.

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Even as a rabbi in Brussels called for Jews there to arm themselves and police in Belgium stepped up security around Jewish sites, Jews across Western Europe this week are increasingly asking a frightening question: Is Jewish life still viable on the continent?

Soldiers patrol in Antwerp, Belgium, home to many Orthodox Jews in the city’s diamond industry.  Getty Images

Morocco Jews Pray For Rain At King’s Request


At the request of the king, prayers for rain were held at synagogues throughout Morocco.

The prayers were recited on Saturday, one day after Muslims said similar prayers in mosques at the request of King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan daily Le Matin reported. The king made the request upon learning that Morocco may suffer a drought this year.

Jewish Cemeteries Become A Burden

Cherished by tourists as sacred ground, graveyards disintegrate as European Jewish communities try to focus on the living.

Every month or so, a highly emotional email lands in the inbox of Martin Kornfeld, CEO of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia.

U.S. college students restore a Belarus Jewish cemetery, 2012. Photo via

Iranian Officials Blame Israel, U.S. for Protests


(JTA) -- Iranian officials blamed Israel and the United States for protests that broke out in the Islamic Republic, leaving one dead and dozens injured.

"The parliament condemns the Zionist, American, anti-revolutionary and anti-national action of the misled seditionists," Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Tuesday during an open session of parliament a day after the demonstrations in support of the peoples' revolution in Egypt that led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak..

European Jews Facing Anti-Semitic Onslaught, Kantor Says


BERLIN (JTA) -- European leaders must intervene to save small Jewish communities from an anti-Semitic onslaught, the head of the European Jewish Congress said.

In a statement issued Thursday, Moshe Kantor said European Jewish communities are in "grave danger" from the anti-Semitism, some of it officially sanctioned, as made clear by recent sensational anti-Semitic incidents in Belgium and Sweden.

EU Commissioner Apologizes for ‘Irrational Jews’ Remark


(JTA) -- The European Union's trade chief apologized for saying that rational discussion about Israel was impossible with Jews and that the Jewish lobby is the most influential in Washington.

Karel De Gucht, a former Belgian foreign minister who is now the E.U.'s Trade Commissioner, had been asked in a radio interview on Thursday for his opinion on renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks launched in Washington.

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