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Exodus Interrupted

How an historic operation 30 years ago to save Ethiopian Jews succeeded — and nearly failed.

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Thirty years ago, Operation Moses became one of the most dramatic and successful chapters in modern Jewish history. Thousands of Jews from Ethiopia, an ancient community threatened by revolution and famine, were delivered to Israel in a remarkable, covert operation undertaken through the collaboration of the United States, Israel and Sudan. Today, nearly two generations later, the Ethiopian Jewish community is a vibrant piece of the Israeli mosaic, symbolized most famously by Yityish Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013.

Jewish School In Gondar Closes As Ethiopian Aliyah Nears End

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Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky turned over the keys to the Jewish school of Gondar to the Ethiopian city’s mayor.

End Of The Line In Gondar

As the Jewish community ends its program in Ethiopia, sadness and hope.

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On Aug. 28, the Jewish Agency for Israel will sponsor the final mass immigration flight of Ethiopians Jews to Israel. The operation will end a multi-decade initiative that has brought more than 100,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

An Ethiopian women gets clearance to immigrate to Israel. Robyn Spector

Ethiopian Troops Struggle In IDF

“Something happens when Ethiopian recruits enlist and encounter army life. Something goes wrong."

Report: Coerced Contraception Behind 50 Percent Dip In Ethiopian-Israeli Births

Ethiopian women say they were told their ability to immigrate depended on taking a Depo-Provera shot.


Israeli and Jewish aid officials are denying an Israeli TV report alleging that Ethiopian immigrant women have been coerced into taking contraceptive shots.

The report, which aired Saturday night on Israeli Educational Television, charged that coercive contraception is behind a 50 percent decline in the Ethiopian birth rate in Israel over the last decade.

Ethiopian worshippers gather at a makeshift synagogue established by the Jewish Agency in Gondar on Nov. 19. Getty Images

Israelis Mark Ethiopian Holiday

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Every year on the 50th day after Yom Kippur, Ethiopian Jews mark Sigd, a unique Ethiopian Jewish fast day, with prayers and Torah readings. The holiday, which means “prostration” in Ethiopia’s Ge’ez language, marks the day when, according to the Ethiopian Jewish tradition, God first revealed himself to Moses.

On Sigd, Ethiopian Jews symbolically re-accept the Torah.

In Israel, where the majority of Ethiopian Jews have settled in the last three decades, the Ethiopian Jewish community has grown to more than 100,000.

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Welcome To Israel

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This week marked the beginning of the end — the end of Ethiopian Jews’ millennia-old dream to settle in Israel.

Three decades after Operation Solomon, a covert Israeli operation, started to bring the first of thousands of the African country’s Jews to the Promised Land, Israel on Monday brought some 240 members of the Falash Mura, Ethiopian Jews whose forebears had converted to Christianity a century ago. They arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on a charter flight.

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A Call To Keep The Faith With Ethiopian Olim

After arrival in Israel, Ethiopian Jews are optimistic, but need further help


The Boy in the Green Shirt

Here’s how it works with these service trips: They lure you in under the guise of work, telling you you’ll be helping to build a school, volunteering at a clinic, or contributing to the community in some meaningful way, and you get on that plane to incredible fanfare (mostly imagined), feeling like a hero for what you’re about to do.

The abandoned synagogue in Ambover, Ethiopia is accessible only by rocky, dirt roads.

The New Face Of Israeli Diplomacy

At a crowded Starbucks in the center of Houston, an Israeli two years ago described her life as a pioneer.

Belaynesh Zevadia, native of Ethiopia, had served as Israel’s first Ethiopian-born diplomat.

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