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Q&A With Chef Jay

Chef Jay Weinstein talks ethical cooking, kashrut, and chocolate syrup.

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From humble beginnings washing dishes at a local restaurant in Long Island, New York, chef Jay Weinstein has made a name for himself in the culinary world. Weinstein has written three food and cook books and teaches at the Natural Gourmet Institute where he recently held a class on cooking “kosher with confidence.” The Jewish Week spoke with Weinstein about his passion for food, the ethics of eating and the best bite in New York.

Jay Weinstein
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Raising The Chocolate Bar

Rabbi Deborah Prinz talks about her book, "On the Chocolate Trail," and the little-known history of Jews and chocolate.

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What do Jews and chocolate have in common? According to Rabbi Deborah Prinz, author of On the Chocolate Trail, more than you’d expect. Prinz’s book takes you on her worldwide expedition on the chocolate trail, exploring the historical legacy of chocolate and religion. Included in the book are recipes, a consumer’s guide to buying ethically produced chocolate and a list of chocolate museums and tours around the world. I spoke with Rabbi Prinz about her favorite chocolate Passover recipes, the most bizarre chocolate combination she’s tried and what’s next for her journey on the chocolate trail.  

Rabbi Debbie Prinz, author of On the Chocolate Trail

Is it Ethical to Boycott BP?

Special to the Jewish Week

Q- Do you think it's right for people to boycott BP and get their gas elsewhere, as punishment for the oil spill?

There is definitely a "punish at the pumps" mentality afloat with regard to BP and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and I must admit, I haven't stopped at a BP since it happened. Gassing up at BP in this hostile climate would be like wearing a mink at PETA convention.

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman
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