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Feminist Seder Pioneer Esther Bronner Is Subject Of New Documentary

03/17/2014 - 20:00
Culture Editor

At the feminist seders led by novelist E.M. Broner, the women would go around and introduce themselves matrilineally, naming as many ancestors as they knew. Broner wanted to be sure that they remembered the generations of women who spent the seder in the kitchen, preparing and serving, leaving the telling of the Passover story to the men.

Esther Broner, second from left, pioneered the first feminist seder in 1976. Joan Roth

Goodbye Broner: In Memory of Esther Broner

I'll admit I did not know who Esther Broner was until she died on Monday.  But I certainly knew what she is most famous for: the feminist haggadah.  Though her professional life was devoted to academia--a professor of literature at Wayne State, Sarah Lawrence College and sometimes the University of Haifa--to say nothing of writing her many novels, Broner will be forever associated with feminist seders. 

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