Pollard Reflects On Hopes Dashed

U.S. denies spy's release is linked to Iran deal; 30-year sentence widely seen as excessive.

07/28/2015 - 20:00

Jonathan Pollard, who will be released from prison Nov. 21, 30 years to the day after he was arrested by FBI agents outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, once shared with The Jewish Week his reaction to reports — later proved false — that he was about to be freed in 1996.

Israeli protestors call for the release of Jonathan Pollard in 2014. Getty Images

Behind The Mask -- God's Presence

During the merry celebration of Purim this upcoming Saturday night and Sunday, children and even adults will wear masks and costumes.  Masks echo the theme of concealment in the Purim story itself, which we will read in the Scroll of Esther.

Rabbi Michael Levy

Reality Shows, Purim & The Feminist Rebbe

Perhaps because blogging, Facebook and Twitter more than satisfy my own need for exhibitionism and fame, I don’t quite understand why anyone would want to be on a reality show.

City Opera's "Jew Number Twelve"

For subscribers to Harper's, there's a fantastic essay by Christopher Beha about his stint as a City Opera "super." Read it, a must. Beha, an editor at the magazine, reports on the comical, often infuriating but ultimately riveting experience of being an extra ("super") in the City Opera's 2009 production of Hugo Weisgall's "Esther."

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