Elliott Cosgrove

Echoes Of ‘As A Driven Leaf’

History, theology and biography collide in Milton Steinberg’s ‘new’ historical novel.

Special To The Jewish Week

Precisely 60 years since his death and just over 70 years since the publication of his classic “As a Driven Leaf,” Rabbi Milton Steinberg’s hitherto unpublished novel “The Prophet’s Wife” will be released at his Park Avenue Synagogue pulpit on March 21.

At Last, A Final Chapter For Milton Steinberg

Sixty years after the rabbi’s death, a novel thought to be ‘too hot to handle’ for its tale
of the Prophet Hosea and his prostitute wife, is published.

Special To The Jewish Week


When Rabbi Milton Steinberg died suddenly and tragically in 1950 at the age of 46, there was a keen awareness that the Jewish community had lost one of its great literary, intellectual and spiritual voices. Steinberg was a preacher of uncommon eloquence and depth, a literary craftsman of prodigious output, and a scholar at home with both rabbinic and classic literature.

Rabbi Steinberg at work. Rabbi Elliott Cosgrove offers a reader’s guide to “The Prophet’s Wife”.
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