Election Day

Why Don't Young Jews Rock The Vote?

It’s too true that we can only appreciate something once we’ve lost it. I’m talking about voting and I’m talking about my generation.

As young Americans (cue the David Bowie song – thought: maybe I don’t belong in my generation?) I was expecting extreme campaigning and political activism on campus. I go to a school that at one point earned the moniker Berkeley East. Sadly, in 2012, voter registration is just too laborious of a process for students to care.

Voting should be thrilling, but something's keeping young Jews from caring. Getty Images

'Pirate Jenny' On Election Day


The Jewish Week ran a story last week by a J Street college girl, "Exclude Me At Your Own Peril" (Oct. 26) in which the Columbia student complained that she was made to feel like "a stranger" in her synagogue because -- at a political event, not prayer services -- representatives of the left-wing J Street were met by "hisses" and boos.

Election Day: One Party Will Protect Me, One Party Won't


Here's something to think about on Election Day. One party is Congress is almost always for Israel, one is not. Guess which?

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