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Tough Love Needed
Mon, 03/07/2011 - 19:00

The many views expressed from the left to the right as to what the current “unrest in the Middle East” means for Israeli-Palestinian peace omit the most important lesson to be learned (again) about the region: The status quo, which is comfortable one day, can be upended the next (“Mideast Unrest Hardening Positions In Community,” Feb. 18).

Recent (Turkey) and older (Iran) events in the Middle East should also show Israel that allies can pull away or even become antagonists.

These factors, plus Iran’s growing influence in the region (Lebanon and Iraq) and the increasing support for the global campaign to delegitimize Israel, lead to an unavoidable conclusion: Time for achieving a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is running out. If it does, consequences for both Israelis and Palestinians — and for America’s national interests in the Middle East — would be dire.

Polls released in December by the Brookings Institution show that 62 percent of Jewish Israelis want their government to do more to promote a comprehensive peace with the Palestinians and that 72 percent of Americans support the Obama administration’s mediation efforts to resolve the conflict.

President Barack Obama must now deliver tough love messages to both sides’ leaders: to Mahmoud Abbas — return to the negotiating table; to Benjamin Netanyahu — stop building Jewish homes and demolishing Arab residences in east Jerusalem to demonstrate your commitment to a negotiated two-state solution.

The Obama administration just vetoed the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement building as illegal, even though the U.S. was the only country voting against it and even though this vote contradicts U.S. policy. This is another reason why Netanyahu should accede to the administration’s wishes to halt building in east Jerusalem.


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"Time for achieving a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is running out."

After the five murders of a Jewish family today while asleep in their beds - including a three-month old baby! - it is useless to offer peace to killers like these. They are taught from childhood to hate Jews and to kill them in exchange for a spot in their heaven. One cannot negotiate with these sickos. Even if they sign a peace treaty tomorrow, they will renege on it the moment they think they can prevail. Egypt just demonstrated that a thirty-year old peace agreement may come to a quick end if the Musim Brotherhood takes control of that nation.

As far as that comment from Yasar, I'm sitting here in amazement wondering if his family name is Arafat!

A couple of corrections ... in terms of allies becoming 'antagonists' in the case of Turkey it was purely a design of the Radical Zionists in charge of Israel! Regardless of whether everyone agrees with them or not a total of ten unarmed Turkish Activists were massacered in a premeditated fashion in International Waters by IDF thugs! Hence Terrorist Israel is finished for Turkey!

The second correction is regarding whose influence shall prevail in the ME ... it definitely is not going to be that of the Shiite Iran but rather that of Sunni Turkey which happends to have the most robust economy in the region coupled with the most superios Armed Forces.

As for the microscopic state of Israel ... having needlessly antagonized the Turks who had helped out Jewish people in persecution through human history saving hundreds of thousands of Jewish Lives the Zionist State stands all alone and completely isolated. Therefore from now on the predicament for Israel shall be one of "do or die"! Make peace with all your neighbors respect the human rights of everyone around you and 'belatedly' assist in theestablishment of a free and independent Palestinian State or face 82 Million angry Egyptians, 77 Million 'Jew- loving Iranians' etc etc