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Time Is Working Against Palestinians
Tue, 04/12/2011 - 20:00

Anyone who has raised children understands that sometimes “no” is the best, the only, possible answer (“Time Is Not On Israel’s Side,” Between The Lines, April 8).

For children, and for the Palestinians, no concession can be enough. Why should it be? No one is willing to say “no”; every concession leads to further demands.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu should tell that to the world. Tell them that Jefferson Davis declared a state. Whatever happened to it, anyway? If the Palestinians want to negotiate, Israel will be glad to negotiate. If they want to declare a state, let them go ahead.

No one will come to their aid. Not Europe, which can talk, but will not act. Not Jordan, which is scared to death of a Palestinian state on its border. Not even Syria, which has trouble of its own and does not want a confrontation with Israel to add to its instability.

As former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold has pointed out, inside five years Israel will be a major exporter of natural gas. Inside 10 years it expects to develop shale oil reserves to rival Saudi Arabia. Yes, time is running out, but for the Palestinians, which is why they are pushing so hard now. Not for Israel.
David Willig
Tzfat, Israel

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Since you mention Jefferson Davis, you should be aware that his chief aim when it came to foreign policy- and his biggest failure - was to have his state recognized by Britain, France, and other countries, something the Confederacy never achieved. The Palestinians, according to reports, already have more than 100 countries willing to recognize them in September 2011. If that is true, then they are doing far better than the Confederacy did, even before their state is officially declared. And Israel needs to be concerned about this, because recognition - which is why Davis was so keen on it - automatically brings with it material benefits, not least numerous new ways to put pressure on Israel legally and diplomatically.

If you think time is running out for the Palestinians because of Israeli natural resources, then you are living with your head in the sand. If they do not achieve a state, the obvious next step for Palestinians will be to demand equal rights within the State of Israel, something that Israel will find increasingly hard to deny them. And the presence of natural resources, far from diminishing that sort of pressure for equality, has historically tended to increase it, because the economic stakes are that much greater.

My point is that no one is going to fight Israel for the Palestinians. Israel controls all routes into "Palestine" and no aid can reach "Palestine" without Israel's consent.
Arabs living in Yehuda and Shomron have better health care, better standard of living and more freedom than any other Arab population in the Mideast. All this will go down the drain if they persist in their desire for a Judenrein State. Either they stop their Jew hatred, or they can sit in the corner and scream. As far as equality, what kind of equality do the Jews have in Egypt? in Syria? in Jordan?