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Support Fellow Jews
Tue, 07/06/2010

After reading The Jewish Week, I have come to the conclusion that this world has turned itself around. Liberal Jews criticize Israel and equate it with Nazi Germany while they support an enemy that is bent on Israel’s destruction. They criticize Israel for defending itself against an enemy that uses barbaric means to kill Jews, no matter how observant they are or what denomination they are from.

I sometimes wonder if these liberal Jews would prefer that Jews allow their enemy to kill them without a fight. Do they feel guilty that fellow Jews can defend themselves against an enemy that uses lies, propaganda and other means to delegitimize Israel?

As a people, we should be strong and united. We should support our fellow brother in Israel. The world is becoming more and more anti-Semitic, and to have Jews support the enemy is truly a blemish on Jewish life.



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I've seen a lot of silly letters on this site, but this one takes the cake. Do you think that all liberal Jews criticize Israel, or that all Jews who criticize Israel are liberal? Moreover, even those liberal Jews who do criticize Israel do not compare it to Nazi Germany, with the exception of a few radical crazies. The bottom line is that a lot of Jews, both in Israel and elsewhere, think that the Israeli government is incompetent and unable to focus on Israel's long-term needs. Should we sit idly by, while the country we love allows itself to be overtaken by an ultra-nationalist minority?

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