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Poland Stonewalls
Tue, 05/03/2011

Poland’s continued refusal to institute restitution legislation so that Jews may receive just compensation for stolen or confiscated properties and holdings should come as no surprise (“Poland’s Foreign Minister Misspeaks On Restitution,” Opinion, April 8).

In order to appreciate Polish reluctance and outright stonewalling, one may gain invaluable insight by reading Jan Gross’ eye-opening work, “Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz.” States Gross: “Given their pariah status under the Nazis, Jews were taken advantage of by the surrounding population in a multitude of transactions. But property transfer from Jewish to Polish ownership was marked not only by opportunistic exploitation, but also by outright plunder, associated with mass killings of the Jews by the German occupiers.”

Not only does Poland not want to part with its ill-gotten gains but the subject of Poles’ facilitation of and occasional participation in the murder of their own Jewish countrymen so as to take possession of Jewish property is a matter that most in Poland prefer remain a topic not open to discussion.

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Let Israel show good faith first by treating the Palestinians in a humane way, providing restitution to those forced to move from their homes, and the innocent victims slaughtered by the IDF. Then we'll all know they are serious.

Dr. Hersh obviously forgets who started the war and who took control of Poland after the war. I suggest he look to Germany & Russia for even more "ill-gotten gains." Also, quoting Jan Gross about Poland is akin to asking Dan Brown for an opinion on who the next Pope should be.

Wow... this article is so bias against Poles it unreal. Why should Poland pay for what the German Nazis and Soviet Communists did in their country, many in the Jewish community bring up a few incidents cited by Jan Gross, but in fairness no one acknowledges the thousands of cases where Poles risked their lives and the lives of their families to save Jews.

Please see the links below, one is a new PBS special regarding this issue and the other is a article in titled "Polish Complicity In The Shoah Is A Myth"

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