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Israel Analogy
Tue, 08/17/2010

I wish that your readers, who so proudly support the Muslims building a mosque at the edge of Ground Zero, would at the very least equally demonstrate the same support for Jews building in the land of Israel. 

Jamaica Estates, Queens 


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So, if you wish readers to offer "the same support for Jews building in the land of Israel" as they have for the Park51 community center in Lower Manhattan, does that mean that those who oppose the community center should also oppose, say, a new Jewish facility a few blocks from Maharat Ha'Machpelah in Hebron, since an extremist radical Jew, Baruch Goldstein, murdered Muslims there, and we should be considerate of those victims' families' feelings? I would strongly support Jews building shuls and centers in our own communities including Hebron, regardless of what other radical Jews might have done nearby, and I equally support moderate Muslims who wish to build community centers and places of worship in their communities, regardless of what other radical Muslims might have done nearby. Encouraging the Park51 center is a strongly positive response to 9/11, and the opposition to it by some Americans only feeds Al Qaeda's extremism and recruiting. {Jonathan}
What is the connection? The Moslems bought the land with their own money in their own country, and have every legal right to build on it. The Israelis building in the West Bank are occupying land that never belonged to the State of Israel, and which everyone knows will one day be part of the Palestinian state.


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