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Disturbing Decision On Guns
Tue, 06/29/2010 - 20:00

Firearms are not the inherent evil that some gun control advocates claim, but as New Yorkers we have a common-sense understanding that the easy availability of everything from pistols to assault rifles is part of the fear and insecurity that we live with on a daily basis.

Monday’s Supreme Court decision in a case involving Chicago’s ultra-strict handgun control law doesn’t overturn gun laws in New York and elsewhere, but it will clearly open the door to legal challenges of those laws.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has already announced it is preparing lawsuits challenging local gun laws around the country based on Monday’s High Court decision — and New York’s relatively strict gun laws are in the powerful lobby’s cross hairs.

It is disturbing that the justices seemingly agreed with the notion that the right to own firearms trumps other rights — including the rights of cities to take reasonable steps to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. It is disturbing that a gun movement that is heavily rural has succeeded in adversely affecting the security of millions of residents of America’s big cities. Clearly, the interests of Bozeman, Mont., and Manhattan are very different when it comes to unrestricted gun ownership. And it is disturbing to see the unchecked extremism of the pro-gun movement that seems to believe there is the Second Amendment — and then there’s the rest of the Constitution, mere padding.

As the Anti-Defamation League pointed out in its statement, the decision and the lawsuits that are sure to follow could also make it significantly harder for state and local officials to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and their supporters.

Mainstream Jewish groups have long supported strong gun control laws, based on a rational belief that the lack of prudent limits is a major factor in deadly urban violence. 



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I wondered what this was doing in a Jewish newspaper, but this does make sense. Practical, reasonable, rational, commonsensical , are all words used to describe the gun laws that have FAILED to keep unlawful people from getting guns and committing crimes with them. A few years ago, a criminal named Joseph Taylor, killed 5 people in a Wendy's in NYC. He almost killed 2 more. This criminal was out on BAIL for ARMED robbery. He committed armed robbery and one of finest judges let him out on $3600 bail. Not to sensible or rational. The liberals want to continue this practice in the name of civil liberties but restrict a law abiding person's ability to protect themselves. The same goes for the liberal attitude regarding Israel and settlement restriction and other rational reasonable actions that Israel must do to mollify Palestinians and the world and seek peace. These actions enable and encourage enemies to commit more terror and be more intransigent. Peace will be achieved only through strength. Safety is in our hands. The liberals are misguided and will kill us all.
You wrote: "...but as New Yorkers we have a common-sense understanding that the easy availability of everything from pistols to assault rifles is part of the fear and insecurity that we live with on a daily basis." This is not common sense. In New York city, guns are NOT easily available yet in cities such as New York, Washington DC, and Chicago -- All characterized by highly restrictive gun laws - gun violence occurs at a much higher frequency than in cities where citizens are authorized to carry concealed guns. How do you explain that? I claim (and study after study support me) That gun laws, restrictive or otherwise, do not constrain criminals. Cheers, Michael
No, what is more disturbing that a Jewish organization actually supports gun bans, all under the guise of "reasonable" gun laws....That has happened before back in the 1930`s, and millions of people died because they thought nothing of "reasonable" gun laws.....The Jewish Week blackens their memory.....
New York and Chicago have experimented long enough with trying to limit criminals' access to firearms by saying no one, even the law abiding, can have one. Criminals simply ignore what the city government says they may or may not posess. The "honor" system isn't working. Perhaps its time for more of the cities' permanent criminal underclass to be locked away somewhere that their access to firearms can be controlled by the department of corrections.