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01/09/2012 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Street Torah

Millions of children fall asleep every night hungry, wearing an unchanged diaper, and with no one to hold them as they cry themselves to sleep. There is perhaps no greater suffering than to feel unloved, unwanted, and uncared for by anyone. This is the story of the orphan.

01/04/2012 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Street Torah

“For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come” -Hamlet

Every night of our lives, we enter the dream state. Sometimes we are very aware of our dreams upon waking, sometimes not at all. I often wonder about the theological implications of our unconscious thoughts that occur while we dream. How are we to interpret these ideas and how can those interpretations help us to grow to become who we need to be?

12/28/2011 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Street Torah


When I was in college, I went skydiving over the plains of Texas. Three years later, wanting to relive that unique moment of transcendence and tested limits, I went skydiving again, this time over the Swiss Alps. Ten years later, I’ve learned to embrace a spiritual alternative to jumping out of planes.

12/14/2011 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Street Torah

Why is it that, at a typical American Jewish social justice event, no one invokes one of God’s names? When our movement openly accepts the role of the Divine in social change and in moral development, we embrace the most powerful part of our tradition.

12/05/2011 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Street Torah


As the Presidential race progresses, once again the role of religion in politics has re-emerged as a common tension that cannot be dismissed. American Jews have often feared bringing religion into the political discourse out of fear of anti-Semitism, but this concern has hopefully lessened since Senator Lieberman was a serious Presidential candidate while being open about his traditional Jewish practices and perspectives. In our commitment to build a just society, we have an imperative to ask questions about the religious views of our politicians.

11/30/2011 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Street Torah

Could you imagine arriving at a museum and seeing one of your loved ones who passed away on display for others'  amusement?