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Debating J Street's Jeremy Ben-Ami: What, if any, are limits on Diaspora criticism of Israel during war?

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Donniel Hartman on Israel's "Pillar of Defense" Campaign in Gaza:

"Doing What We Can in an Unredeemed World"

If we are to achieve, it will only be the result of our efforts on our own behalf, and even then with no guarantee of success. To be a Zionist is to embrace this reality, not as a curse but as a responsibility, if not a gift. To be part of shaping one's own destiny and defining one's peoples' history in the midst of the uncertainty of an unredeemed world is the privilege which Israel has bestowed upon modern Jewish life.

It is critical that we remember the above as we assess our actions and responsibilities in Operation Pillar of Defense. First, we simply have to do what we have to do. What any nation not merely has the right to, but the obligation to do. Our citizens cannot be terrorized, nor our soldiers attacked, without attempts on our part to prevent them and stop them from occurring in the future.

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