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08/22/2013 - 20:00 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

On August 28, 1963, more than 200,000 Americans gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., for a political rally known as the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom."

08/19/2013 - 20:00 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

There I was, one sunny Jerusalem afternoon, doing errands on Emek Refaim, in the German Colony of Jerusalem, about to hop on my bicycle with some money I had withdrawn from the bank to pay my children’s tutor, who was winding up the lesson. I saw an old friend of mine, walking with another friend of his. Both are rabbis who were attending one of the Shalom Hartman Institute’s summer seminars for rabbis. As Ed replied, “Hi Gil,” the friend asked, “Are you Gil Troy? I am Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu.”

08/19/2013 - 20:00 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Warsaw — No matter the outcome of the current controversy over the Polish Parliament’s attempt to ban ritual slaughter — Jews and Muslims might end up losing the right to kill animals according to their respective religious traditions — the issue has symbolic and practical value both for Poland’s small Jewish community and for Jews in other countries.

08/12/2013 - 20:00 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Last May, The Jewish Week published an Editorial (“Sins of Omission at The Times”) complaining about The New York Times’ failure, in publishing a two-part series on abuse in the ultra-Orthodox community, to credit The Jewish Week for taking the lead in reporting on these issues, calling the Times’ failure to give appropriate credit “deeply unethical.” That Editorial referred to a letter from The Jewish Week to the public editor, or ombudsman, of The Times complaining about this omission.

08/12/2013 - 20:00 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

The recent news stories about Yeshiva University bring back memories from my own experiences in the 1980s, when I attended both high school and college at YU. For me, those were positive and powerfully transformative years, with YU playing the central role. I am profoundly sad that not all of my peers had the same experience, and of course pray that deep wounds suffered by victims of abuse will be healed.

08/05/2013 - 20:00 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

The times they are a-changin’. A few weeks ago I attended a wedding in Central Park. It was a gorgeous Wednesday morning, the nearby lake looked stately, and the green foliage on the trees seemed to hold itself motionless so as not to distract from the drama taking place.