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Truth Must Have A Place In A Synagogue
Tue, 04/09/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week
Pamela Geller
Pamela Geller

In a shocking violation of their spiritual obligations as clerics, in an op-ed posted on The Jewish Week website (“Hate Speech Has No Place in a Synagogue”), Rabbis Michael White and Jerome Davidson defame my work and me, while falsely claiming that I am “defaming fellow Americans of a different Abrahamic religion.” They have obviously never read my work — my columns or my books. They falsely accuse me of hate speech and have the chutzpah to invoke Jewish teachings.

When have these rabbis ever showed the same indignation they are showing about my talk when leaders of groups linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and even the convicted murderers of Jewish children, have spoken on college campuses and at mosques in the United States?

Where were White and Davidson when Muslim Students Association members have menaced and even physically attacked Jewish students on college campuses, and shouted down and physically intimidated Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren at the University of California-Irvine, preventing him from speaking? Where were they when Islamic jihadists targeted synagogues in the New York City area for terror attacks?

White and Davidson say, “we cherish our relationships and friendships within the local Muslim community” — yet what kind of dialogue and friendship does not involve honest discussion and confrontation when needed, which is what my work is all about? They attack a fellow Jew for expressing legitimate concerns, and boast about their close relationship with the Islamic Center of Long Island. Did they ever discuss the vile anti-Jewish rantings of one of the former officials of that mosque, the late Ghazi Khankan, who preached there regularly and blamed Israel, “the enemy of Muslims and Arabs,” for 9/11? The American Jewish Committee’s Ellen Israelson said that Khankan “has always been vocally anti-Israel.”

That apparently didn’t bother White and Davidson. But Davidson did feel threatened when Chabad erected a menorah on the Village Green; he and fought it tooth-and-nail in the Village Hall. He proclaimed it an unconstitutional religious symbol, unlike the Christmas tree, which was a “seasonal” symbol. He was upset because someone might have added a crèche scene next to what was not a “seasonal” tree, but a Christmas tree, and opposed a menorah in a public place because of that.

But when it came to virulently anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, Davidson was silent.

White and Davidson invoke the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League against me. Yet why are these groups qualified to determine what is a “hate group” and what isn’t? Both the SPLC and the ADL attempt to manipulate the political discourse in this country by smearing with this label anyone whose political views they dislike. Yet the SPLC has never investigated the real hate that comes from Islamic supremacist groups in the U.S., and the ADL has only rarely done so. Their “hate group” label is just a propaganda tool to demonize and marginalize defenders of freedom.

White and Davidson consider the daily news stories that I post at my website concerning the Islamic persecution and slaughter of Christians and other non-Muslims across the world to be “hate speech.” Yet they say nothing about what is happening in these news stories. They are struck dumb by the vicious Islamic anti-Semitism in the Koran and Hadith. But they are loquacious in condemning me. Where is their outrage over the most brutal and radical ideology on the face of the earth?

You’d think that Michael White and Jerome Davidson would be upset about the genocidal rhetoric that is coming regularly from Hamas and Iran, and in general about the real threat to the Jews from Islamic jihadis — the threat about which I am trying to raise awareness. Instead, they smear me for fighting against Islamic Jew-hatred.

Rabbis White and Davidson sound as if they studied their funky brand of Judaism at Hamas University. First and foremost, Rabbis, no loshon hora. And do not libel fellow Jews. You are supposed to be the examples, the teachers. The reason that this is getting so much New York media interest is because it’s Jew attacking Jew. This is like sharks to chum for the mainstream media.

And these rabbis do this.

Davidson is so enjoying the sudden terrible limelight that his libel has given him that he is organizing an anti-Geller rally at the Great Neck Synagogue on Sunday. I hope that defenders of the freedom of speech and equality of rights for all will come out against these clueless and compromised tools with American flags held high.

Ultimately, these rabbis will answer to a higher authority.

Pamela Geller is the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of the new book “Freedom or Submission: On the Dangers of Islamic Extremism & American Complacency,” as well as “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America” and “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.”


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Davidson & White add emphasis to the age-old saying "The Jew Is His Own Worst Enemy" Is there a Board of Directors at the Great Neck Synagogue that can allow this anti-Semitism from its' Bima?

Sometimes it takes courage and sacrifice to speak the truth.Pam Geller has chosen a road taken by few individuals.For it takes a belief that people will eventually sucuumb to the truth.Leftist Jews in this country no longer identify with Israel.They have become propagandists for terrorist groups like Hamas.Jews have throughout their history turned their bascks on their own people. Please Pam continue to speak out about the truth.

Pamela Geller speaks the truth, with power.
She has the courage of a lioness.
Little wonder the wimped-out, cowardly Rabbis fear her.
Their congregations will pay the price for their cowardess.

It would appear to me that these articulate, eloquent and intelligent "bulwarks" ( I do not use the phrase lightly) against the remorseless encroachment of Islamism and religious bigotry all seem to plough lonely furrows, pushing back against the forces of evil on an individual basis.

Would it not be better if Dershowitz, Pipes, Geller, Melanie Phillips, Steyn, Douglas Murray ,Barry Rubin, Glick, and other great talents that the Jewish World has at its disposal, communicate and co-ordinate their efforts? In "unity" there is always strength, our adversaries are always showing us that.

I firmly believe Ms. Geller should have her say. I did witness a dialogue with the Muslim group from Westbury and they were at that time very unpleasant in a Temple in Great Neck. Unfortunately Great Neck Synagogue has their priorties in the wrong place

I have heard all this hate speech before, but it has always been directed at Jews,

The Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg and Pamela Geller are prominent peddlers of truly vile hate speech and are totally ignored by the vast majority of American Jews. More power to the SPLC for shining the spotlight on both ultra right and left wing bigots.

Somebody has to speak out! Keep up the good work you do..many of us who do not speak up are on your side and in total agreement.

I really fear for the future of the Jewish population in America if these two Rabbis are anything to go by: I cannot believe any rational person could buy into anything they now say.

Geller is one courageous female; these rabbis and male leaders are cowards. And hypocrites who don't value the real tenets of Judaism.We need more women--and men--like her leading Jewish organizations of all kinds.

Viva Pamela.

Please, Pamela Geller, continue your vital research and the publication of your observations. Hopefully, the truth SHALL set us free!

Typical smear tactics - change the subject, to take the spotlight off Geller's hate. Well, most people are not that stupid, Pamela. Believe me, these Rabbis deplore all misguided hatred. And they certainly do not want it given a forum at a synagogue. Save your lectures for the Tea Party!

“It is not a matter of whether or not I personally agree with or endorse everything Ms. Geller says, writes, or does. It is, rather, that I believe everyone has a right to be heard by people who want to hear them. I would never force anyone to hear Ms. Geller, but neither will I stand by while thugs threaten violence merely because they do not like the message being delivered,” Rabbi DR. BERNHARD Rosenberg

I believe that Ms. Geller has every right to speak freely as does every one in this country. I am apalled at Rabbi Davidson. He should be ashamed at calling himself a Jew (and a self-hating Jew at that).

Well said, Pamela.

Thank you, Ms. Geller! Keep it up.

Speaking truth =/= Hate speech.
May be the Rabbis will wake up from the slumber, but the "Hamas Theological Seminary" training is spreading, thanks to the likes of the
Michaels and Jeromes of the delusional pro-Islamist PC police.

Every day it gets worse...over there in the USA. Jews harming their own brother's and sister's has become accepted and commonplace, not just in the US but here in Israel, too.
When will the liberal, Prorgessive, so called "Peace Lover's" wake up to the TRUTH!!!


You cannot help a race of people, a culture, a civilization that does not, and even refuses to help themselves from their threats of danger.. Ignorance, apathy, indifference, and especially and particularly cowardice, are key ingredients to one's own demise..

Truly Jews of politically liberal persuasion, and particularly religious clerics, are of the most egregious of this type of insane moronic imbecilic attitude, for which are the very same betraying type of people who assisted Hitler in quest to exterminate the Jewish race.

Of course, like all delusional insane people, whom either knowingly commit evil, or unknowingly assist in that cause and agenda, will never see themselves for what they are, for what they do, and the consequences / results of their actions, and or inactions.

Thus ours is not to reason and appease them, our is only to defeat them.

You are as guilty of the sin of hate speech as Rabbis White and Jerome are, by branding all Reform Jews egregious, moronic and imbecilic.
How many Reform Jews do you know? I am a proud Reform Jew who knows more about being Jewish than you ever will, and I know, like many other Reform Jews, that we are at war with Islamists and we must not give an inch. It shames me beyond belief that such so-called Rabbis exist, and the first thing ignorant people like you do, is assume all Reform Jews are Mosrim in this way. Shame on you.