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05/09/2011 | | Special to the Jewish Week | Opinion

It is once again that time of year; our three young children – along with many others - are sorting through the ever-growing collection of Israeli flags to adorn our home for Israel's Independence Day (May 10). Our children are proud young Jewish-Israelis, free to celebrate the Jewish People's modern triumph of democratic state-building.

Yet, even as we celebrate, as Israeli adults entrusted with our children's futures, we are obliged to take a closer look at Israeli society and act boldly for the well-being of future generations.

05/05/2011 | | Opinion

Since negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians have stalled, it’s becoming fashionable to discuss an “easy fix” of unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state. But the “easy fix” attempts an end run around a negotiated settlement, which is the only route through which a settlement could possibly be reached.

A Palestinian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) would bypass peace talks entirely.

05/03/2011 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

As the work of UJA-Federation of New York continues to evolve, connecting young Jews to feeling part of the Jewish people and close to Israel has become increasingly important. Surprisingly, though, we discovered that there is a chasm between deeply involved and engaged Jewish social activists here in North America and Israeli counterparts who are engaged in very similar work. There has been little or no relationship between these parallel communities. So we are bringing them together.

05/03/2011 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

I’d like to make a wish for this year’s observance of Israel’s birthday: that we Jews of North America suspend heated argument over Israel’s policies for a time; do our best, as well, to stave off anxiety about Israel’s prospects; and allow ourselves — whatever adjective we place in front of the word “Jew” in our identity — to savor the blessing of being alive at this unique moment in Jewish history and experience.

05/02/2011 | | Special to the Jewish Week | Opinion

The assault on Israel's legitimacy has taken the Jewish people by surprise and driven a wedge between Israelis and many Jewish communities. Commonly referred to as delegitimization, its aim is to negate the right of the Jewish people to self-determination and that of the State of Israel to exist. Yet like most challenges, this one also presents a new opportunity: to reconnect across the dividing lines in our communities and to reengage with Israel in new ways.

04/27/2011 | | Special to the Jewish Week | Opinion

The Orthodox Chief Rabbinate decided in 1949 that the Shoah (the Hebrew, literally meaning "catastrophe," that is now used for the Holocaust) should be commemorated on the 10th of Tevet, a minor fast day already established in the Jewish calendar.