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Hamas Is The Enemy, But What Have We Become?

Hamas is a cruel and cynical enemy, but as an IDF veteran, I ask if Israel has lost respect for human life.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week
Yehuda Shaul
Yehuda Shaul

It has been almost four weeks since the military operation “Protective Edge” commenced in Gaza, and the region yearns for quiet. Three civilians were killed at the hands of Hamas Militants and the rockets they fire at Israeli population centers, in the time these sentences were written.

Sixty-one soldiers and officers were killed throughout the duration of the operation thus far. As our hearts fill with pain and concern for the deaths of these young people, the lives of civilians in Southern Israel have been disturbed for three weeks now by sirens warning against rockets approaching from Gaza. Many civilians living near the Gaza Strip have left their homes and are moving between the houses of friends and family until this fury blows over.

Who fires rockets at a civilian population in Israel? The answer is clear. The governing force in the Gaza Strip today is Hamas. It is their will for Israeli civilians to live under the terror of rockets, and it will take their resolve to diminish this very threat. Hamas presents their struggle as one for the liberation of the Palestinian people, though they effectively eliminate Israeli civilians’ right to lead liberated lives. 

The relatively low number of civilian casualties in Israel is not a result of this tenderhearted terrorist organization, but rather of the low quality of their rockets and Israel’s advanced defense capabilities. As a Jew and a Zionist living in Israel, I know that Hamas threatens me, my family, my friends and the values to which I am committed.

These things are clear and correct. Yet as a veteran of the IDF and an Israeli citizen, I don’t bear responsibility for Hamas’ actions, but rather for those of the Israeli society of which I am a part. So let’s focus on Israel, my country and my home.

Imagine a big family gathering in a home during days of war. Fear fills the air but it’s easier when everyone’s together.

Suddenly a bomb hits the home – and the family is erased. On July 20th, twenty-five members of the Abu Jamei family, from the town of Bani-Suheila in Gaza, lost their lives to a bomb dropped by the Israeli Air Force. Why was the Abu Jamei home bombed? Why have other families lost their lives in recent weeks in similar bombings? Among them eight members of the Kawara family, six of whom were children; six members of the Hamad family who were killed in their sleep and eight members of the Al Haj family.

The IDF explains that Hamas members, or members of another organization that the IDF wished to harm, were in these homes – and at least in some cases a warning was given to the family in the form of a telephone call, or the dropping of a smaller bomb on the house.

Hamas is a cruel and cynical enemy. But what have we become? Is it not a cynical act to bomb Hamas members’ family homes that don’t constitute a “ticking bomb” threat – that is to say, don’t pose an immediate threat to soldiers or civilians – with the knowledge that there are innocent family members who will be harmed inside? Does the fact that a family didn’t heed our telephone request to leave a building grant us the right to sentence them to death? When we choose to do so, are we not functioning as executioners who have lost respect for human life? When we choose to act this way, can we really continue to boast the claim that we do everything in our power to avoid civilian casualties? The answer to the last question, to my dismay, is no.

I wrote that Hamas controls Gaza, but Hamas isn’t alone. Israel also continues to control Gaza. Israel controls the daily entry and exit of goods from the Gaza Strip; prevents access to Gaza from the air and the sea, limiting the fishing area for Palestinians; Israel even controls the population registry in the region. According to the UN, approximately 1,800 people were killed in the Gaza Strip these past few weeks, around 250 of whom were minors. Most of the dead did not take part in hostilities against Israel. Can we as Israelis earnestly shrug off our responsibility to the residents of the Gaza Strip?

I believe that we cannot shake off this responsibility.

As an Israeli citizen who loves his home, I hope that many other citizens will join me in calling on Israel to stop this practice of bombing homes with their inhabitants inside – an act that causes unreasonable harm to Gazan civilians. We must stop sending our friends and our soldiers on operations that will definitively harm civilians. We must end Israel’s protracted control over the Gaza Strip.

The writer served as an infantry combat soldier and commander in the IDF, and is a founding member of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli NGO of veteran combatants who through published testimony, lectures, meetings and tours attempt to give the Israeli public a fuller picture of everyday life in the Occupied Territories since the start of the Second Intifada.



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Hamas and fatah are both derived from the nazi mufti Haj Amin al Husseini's final solution. Thus, it's not possible to 'make peace' with movements dedicated to oppressing working class people, and killing Jews. Both are propped by the Pentagon, and thus are beneficiaries of Western media propaganda.

They are no more acting in self defense when killing Jews than Husseini's troops were defending Europeans from the scourge of Jews, Serbs, and Roma living in Europe.

The author needs to tell us: how should Israel respond to a Jewhating killer that is firing rockets at random times from a home (since it's random, you're never really in impending danger. You only know after the fact, with rocket in air, that you were in danger).

How should the IDF respond to this? It has been as careful as reasonably possible, and should be supported.

The law of this Divine universe is clear....what you hate; despise and can't love, two things happen. First, you have more of it in your life. Second, you become that very energy that you hate, despise and can't love.

What you resist persist is the end result that we are witnessing in this conflict. That's why our human evolutionary journey takes so long and so much pain to learn!

I have been a big fan of this author for several years. Both of my brothers and my son in law have served in the IDF and all have said the same things that the author has written and spoken about.

My brothers do not have the courage that he has to say what needs to be said out of LOVE for Israel and the Jewish people.

You have my utmost respect and admiration and if you are not married, I hope that you would consider our (unmarried) daughter.

First of, I am not Jewish nor Muslim. I have followed Israel's attack on Gaza and I am grateful for you, to offer your opinion. I am hopeful that there are more of you in Israel who can speak out on behalf of the innocent victims of this war of genocide. I have studied the history of the Palestinians and know a little bit about the conflicts that have occurred. There must be a better way to end the cycle of violence between both groups of people.

I am heartened to see IDF soldiers speaking out. I am very shocked and upset to see a nation subjecting its young people to such dreadful personal trauma through the conflict of carrying out a regime which they know in their hearts is wrong, unfair and inhumane. Does Israel really wish to traumatize it's youth? Do parents want to send their children to carry out the brutal regime inflicted on Palestinian people?
Is this what Israel teaches it's young? How long has this been going on? How many generations of emotionally damaged or conflicted young people is Israel going to produce?

If Israel has a right to defend itself then surely Palestinians also have a right to defend themselves against the severe oppression and land grab by subsidized settlers, outposts, demolition of their homes as a punishment, control of resources such as water, checkpoints too numerous to mention, roads they cannot use and numerous assaults on their daily lives and humanity--- in their own land. Gaza is subject to a complete blockade where are they getting these so called rockets?
Has Israel ever considered if it stopped all this and withdrew to it's legal borders that Palestinians would stop resisting?

How would Israel react if they were occupied and put under the same brutal, restrictive regime?

This is not a religious question it is one of fundamental human and land rights and Israel is looking like a brutal colonizer from the 17C with 21C weapons.
I urge Israeli people to read the world press and Scholars and see themselves as so many others do. Few dispute the right of Israel to exist but many, including the International World Court, believe Palestine also has a right to exist and Israel is brutally trying to eradicate it by taking over land, resources and humiliating it's people.

Around the world we are all subject to the rhetoric and manipulation of our governments, we must try and see clearly and focus on fairness, humanity and fundamental human rights rather than the fog of propaganda governments feed us all to keep us afraid so they can do as they wish in the name of protecting us.

Please, in the name of humanity take an objective look at what Israel is doing in the name of defending itself.

Yehuda shaul argues that israel has lost respect for human life, but i say that the author has lost respect for human rights ie not to live under fire. what would he have the army do? and if he has no suggestions, that may explain the great conundrum the military brass find themselves in.
find one country in the world with a fraction of the respect for human life that israel has.

use drones in populated areas instead of artillery shells, go after Hamas members not their direct or indirect family; in other words only smart weapons in populated areas. And above all seek maximum funding for iron dome and methods to detect tunnels.
The next steps would be to "give" something to the Palestinian population to develop the economy while eliminating all forms of Hamas weapon capability.
Here is a wild idea; hire Israeli companies to rebuild Gaza; they get new homes infrastructure, security is assured and Israeli companies make some more money

the author may love israel and be a zionist, and has done more for the state than I have, but any time the main people agreeing with you are those who hate the state and suppor those who try to murder its citizens, you must stop and question if you are genuinely concerned for your state's well being.
If al qaida supported a presidential candidate, that would be a strong reason to vote for the other guy.

"negotiated political agreements"? with Hamas--YOU try telling that to Hamas.They want to destroy us.
As for the "civilian death toll in Gaza- it is 1/2 not 90% of the figure they give-they simply lie.
They love to die for the cause of killing Jewish people - it is their "martrydom" mentality - try negotiating with them, if you can!
They want something they cannot get, they are the "occupiers".
Life was 1000's times better for Gazan's before the conflict erupted (remember they have been continually firing into Israel with rockets for 8 years non-stop!)
They are totally to blame for ANY suffering in Gaza.
Are some people just willing to compromise their intellect because some crazies say so?
One has to do the best with what one has and the Gazans have thrown this out.

I appreciate this campaign against IDF and israel's government and totally I concider it from human perspective, yet taking others country is not even allowed in my dictionary. Some israeli soldiers and people condemn thier government territory behavior. Also condemn Hamas behavior. I mean why to attack Hamas with all pointing fingers. Why fighting a resistance movement against occupation and opression? For what for some people bearly believe in the existence of God and they pretend it's theirs depraving it from their origins. People last word from the bottom of my heart face your mistake with brave heart you asked for opinion and here is mine!
May god guide you to the right road and enlighten your path with wisdom and just.

"face your mistake with brave heart
May god guide you to the right road and enlighten your path with wisdom and just" Yes <3

Do not "stand idly by the blood of your (Jewish) brother" words from the Torah.
If you studied Torah you would not be doing the unthinkable, besmirching Jews for protecting ourselves in good faith.
Your words are reminiscent of the german horrors that "found" reasons to undermine us Jews- face it, it is true.
But you can still do t'shuva- it is highly recommended.

I am not Jewish however I appreciate the passion of Yehuda Shaul he has for mankind. There must be a better way of protecting innocent women, children and babies who have nothing to do with actions of war but just want to survive.
Yet 6 times the IDF was given coordinates of the UN school in GAZA, which was bombed a couple of days ago and which served as refugee shelter. Still, the IDF must have disregarded the advice and continued with the attack. If you can explain that action with self defense, to me it is murderous genocide. For Israel to be respected in the free World, there must be given accountability for this latest bombing, otherwise the cycle of violence will continue indefinitely

Did everyone notice that not one of these condemning Israel has offered a solution to stop the daily rockets and terrorist attacks into Israel. What should Israel do? Just move into bomb shelters permanently?
And, what about the tunnels planned for a massive Rosh Hashonah murder attack. What about the explosives under the kindergarten buildings?
What about the children being used as human shields?
Sometimes, a dangerous pet snake must be killed.

I am so glad you asked. Do you really want to hear the answer? The solution is obvious and it's not a military one. It's to talk to Hamas. It's to stop the embargo on Gaza. It's to start to treat Palestinians as human beings and brothers, sharing the same land

it's very easy:
no siege -> no tunnels
no occupation -> no rockets

As a Zionist myself, I would like to say G-d bless Yehuda Shaul.

Violence breeds violence. You have so much courage to reach out and share your experiences. People will not need Hamas if the average Palestinian is offered an alternative such as freedom, self goverance and dignity. Please know that your words are powerful. Mapping Palestinian children in the middle of night, arresting them for crimes they did not commit so they can provide residential intelligence and allowing Isreali settlers to kill Palestinians is wrong. All of the violence throughout the Middle East is wrong. No one wants to live in fear!

I saw your interview with Adam Holm on Danish television last week, and I wish there were more people like you who would speak out.

My sister lives in New York, and was present when the September 11 terrorist attacks happened. She even knew someone who was present when the first airplane hit the old South Tower (she survived). Fate and circumstances kept my sister from traveling to Manhattan to work that day. So I'm probably one of the few people who can say that my experience with September 11th is far more personal than anyone who has made a comment on this thread so far. (And for full disclosure, my sister traveled to Israel in the 1990s to go to a friend's wedding, and she really enjoyed her time there.)

Anyway, I've seen how American society, which already has its problems with both overt and latent racism and bigotry, has sunk to new lows since the attacks. The USA already has a long history of dehumanizing the other, so it really came as no surprise to me that Arabs/Muslims would never be seen as fully American afterwards, even if they were born in the USA. We even have seen the US government make American citizens target of air strikes even if they have broken no law; they have to just be called "enemy combatants", and that seems to sanction and justify anything. Even outright assassinations.

It's really hard for any country to claim to have the higher "moral ground" when they're willing to kill women and children on a large scale all in the name of security. I've seen Israel in this light for some time now, and it's only getting worse. I actually feel sorry for average Israelis because culturally they are not that different from your neighbors. But one side willingly chose to dehumanize the other side, and it has led to a belief system that mass killing is justified, even if it's your own cultural brother.

The funny part is that there's a large segment of American society that STILL thinks that Jews are culturally inferior to Christians. Donald Trump once reminded everyone that Jon Stewart's birth name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, as if to re-enforce the belief that Mr. Stewart is "hiding" his Jewishness. it's a little bit amusing to see the Likud government trying hitching its wagon to THOSE kind of people!

And lastly: anyone who equates an prolonged occupation by a foreign, militant power to Fascism/Nazism in Europe in the 1920-1940s is not only displaying extremely high amounts of intellectual dishonesty, but it's also a reflection of totally failed public education systems worldwide, especially in Europe. But I suppose it's easier to control a dumbed-down populace than one that's capable of critical thinking.

I have a question that I've been asked , so I relay it to alll..!
What were the boundies, the capital, the president and land mass or size of Israel in 1946 or prior to.

And I have a question for you: What were the boundaries, the capital, the president and land mass and size of Palestine in 1946 or prior to? Ooops, my bad!
There was no country called Palestine, there was just the British Mandate over Palestine.
So your point is??????

Indeed my friend..the same goes to my nation.there was no india until we got independemt and declared as a nation by british..india and palestine and all the other nations were all empty land with no people and no rulers.britain found them on the first place and occupied humans on those lands and created a are soo right! This british occupations, murders, and roberry they made really makes me sick..and btw my friend, british are not from middle east nor a muslim country.peace

Israel is protecting it's citizens. There are three methods that they utilize to warn civilians to get out of harm's way. One is TXT messages, also cellphone calls, and even to next door neighbors, pre-announcing the planned destruction of a house used by Hamas. The third method is called, I think, "roof tapping" by a drone, the final warning to get out. Hamas exhorts the Gaza civilians to not leave their homes., and sadly many of them seem to be more afraid of Hamas than the impending bombing. No other country today, nor throughout history has gone to such extents to attempt to save lives of civilians. and it is indeed a difficult task, as Hamas sets up camp in schools, in hospitals, in private homes, relying on Israeli morality not to destroy, and if they do, anyway, well more power in the press to impress the brain dead heartthrobs with photos of dead civilians, many of which have been taken elsewhere in a different place, in a different time. but it pulls on the threads of the hearts of the non-educated regarding the entire Gaza situation, history, etc.
Now the Muslims are not content just killing Jews. Christians are next, and it has not just begun, but the world pays no attention to that. Pray tell, you Hamas lovers???? ISIS lovers, why does the world not care about the murders, rapes, sale into sex slavery of Christians???? WHY?????

Thank you for standing up for real Jewish values. How twisted Israeli policy has allowed itself to become! It's unnecessary and inhumane. And (cynically spoken), we can see how well this policy has worked over so many years! What is the definition of insanity? Keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

The UK had a not too dissimilar problem with the IRA. The height of the conflict was probably when our Prime Minister then, Margaret Thatcher in 1984 at a hotel in Brighton was seconds away from being blown up by an IRA bomb. The IRA were the equivalent of Hamas in Ireland and Margaret Thatcher was extremely lucky to be alive. However, through political will and negotiation the Good Friday agreement was signed at Stormont in 1998 and only just 2 years ago our Queen shook hands with Martin McGuinness who was a very prominent member back in the days when the IRA was active. Violence will never solve any problems and a solution will only be found when Israel and Hamas start to negotiate directly.

At first, I thought someone should remove your Israeli Citizenship, you are disgrace to speak against our IDF in such a way. Then I thought, well, he is trying the humanitarian side of things, but you know what Hamas has no regard for human life, not for ISrael and not for their own people, so I'll stick to my initial point, you should have your Israeli citizenship revoked!

I am Brazilian. I think you're crazy, inhumane and cruel. It's people like you that make the world worse.

It appears you wish to have in Israel filled with citizens all devoid of humanitarianism. Bravo!

I'd rather have Mr. Shaul as a Danish citizen than Pia Kjærsgard.

It's easy to take the moral high ground and deplore the killing of civilians, but the writer offers no alternative. What Israel is doing is very different from what the United States and Great Britain did in World War II, because Israel is trying to minimize civilian casualties. We killed about 2 million German civilians, and another 1 million Japanese.

Even though the US has tried to minimize civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, the numbers are in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

People who waved flags and cheered at the Nuremberg rally in 1938 were firebombed without mercy in 1945. People who voted for Hamas, turned out in the hundreds of thousands for Hamas rallies under towering rocket sculptures, and tuned in to official "kill the Jews" television are paying a much gentler price than the people of Berlin.

Has anyone in Gaza - anyone at all - tried to stop the incessant attacks, challenged the jihadis, or asked the UN or Arab League to 'free' them from Hamas? There's no White Rose movement in Gaza, as there was in Germany, no opposition to jihad, no opposition to "kill the Jews" and no opposition to "from the river to the sea."

The people of Gaza, like the people of Berlin, have brought a terrible fate upon themselves; but it's one they cheered, supported, and abided. No one would have lamented Goebbel's family being killed along with him; if the families of jihadis were killed because father, sons, and uncles were in Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there is no moral difference.

The wounds of Gaza are largely self-inflicted. If this leads to the removal of Hamas, then that will be a positive outcome. If you want to be a serious moral thinker, you need to move beyond sentimentalism. It is sad when innocents die, but innocents will die in any case. Number one job of the IDF is protecting Israeli innocents.

While, ideally this is a nice thought, realistically it would be hard to put into practice. Shaul, you pretty much advocate for weeding out the Palestinian innocents, but then how do you suggest we protect our innocents when the other side won't do the same? The IDF has more compassion for their enemies than any other army on the planet. Just look around at the world. Where it is heartbreaking in any war to have innocent civilians part of the casualties of war, it is a cold hard fact that the IDF does more than any other army to make that number as minimal as possible.
So in answer to your question "What have we become?" We are a beautiful, united, compassionate nation/ people/ family that have been FORCED into a war, that have sacrificed our boys, our innocents, gave up land for the sake of "Peace" with a people that only wants to see us driven into the sea! How would you protect against that?!

Protect you from what? Children ! Weman!old poeple....
Everbody see how compatien are your soldiers and how moral you are!
The good image given to your soldiers Is broken.

Latifa, we were all being fooled by Hamas and the media, but the truth is coming out now slowly but evidently What did you expect the jews to go the slaughter like the Christian and other minority in Iraq. TIME TO WAKE UP in the west and particularly in Israel.
Breaking the silence members, since you start your campaign (2000?), Gaza was given to the Palestinian (2005) since then Israelis and Gazans are worse off - Great Job for still steering troubles, In the end of the day breaking the silence members still enjoy the protection of the Iron Dome and the IDF, whilst Jews around the world been victimized by peoples who use your ideology to justify their hate- shame on you

Protection from the coward HAMAS TERRORISTS that hide among your so called "innocent" women, brainwashed children, and old people who have not denounced the abhorrent actions of their progeny, but instead embrace and glorify it!

We hear from Israeli spokespeople that they are being as careful "as humanly possible" not to kill innocent civilians. Yet is isn't about what is 'humanly possible', but 'technically possible'. There were many clips shown on TV during the Iraqi war, with weapons weaving around and between buildings on their way to their targets. These weapons are incredibly sophisticated and accurate! Buildings and places are not being hit by accident.
In Israel, if an armed robber was in a bank along with innocent customers, would they bomb the bank whilst everyone was inside? I think not!
American double standards! They wouldn't do it in the US, yet they give money and weapons for it to be continued against Gaza.
I see the situation as ethnic cleansing and land-grabbing.

you think there were no american mistakes, technological malfunctions, intelligence errors that killed supposed innocents? use your head sir.
do you think on american TV they will show such things hitting alleged innocents? lack of head use again.
and your bank robber case shows a complete lack of comprehension. Police operations and military conflicts are not approached in the same way. Would they be, either police would be cruel and over the top, or the military would be ineffective.police officer, or
a terrorist shooting at a innocents gathered around from behind human shields, bably most police officers would shoot, or have a stand off. When dealing with rockets, as opposed to a gunman holed up in a building, there is no such thing as such a standoff.
You consider this ethnic cleansing. I consider you a racist. You say Jews must live lives without security so that people who support, cheer on, defend terrorists who murder, attempt to murder indiscriminately can remain free.
However, I don't think you're dumb, hopefully just naive as to realities of war. The advice for you, is don't have an opinion on subjects you are ignorant on.

Israel looses respect for human life ONLY if Israel would not protect itself.
Now you can rest assured that you can't have your cake and eat it- you can't protect yourself if you allow the attackers free(that is what must be subconsciously thinking).
BTW they should not allow the jailed criminals free- look what happens- logical, has v sholom.
Take it easy, have the guts to say crim crim go away do not come back any day-ever.

The writer says "what have we become?" About israel!? The whole idea of israel is based on ethnical cleansing a land from its inhabitants, religious discrimination and apartheid.
So what Israel does, using brutal terror to break the will of the last standing ghetto, is fully consistent with the foundations of this entity. The few years left in its life will probably show more of this, israel does not commit crimes against humanity, israel is a crime against humanity.

very, very powerful words. excellent article.

There is no humanity in war. You don't kill people civilly. That is why war is hell and should be avoided at all cost. But that being said when you have an enemy that is attacking your people it is a country's duty to protect them even using war as the tool. Israel warning people is more then enough in fact they should not warn anyone since the attackers get the warning also and stay and make the innocent stay and die. If Israel wanted to kill civilians they could have killed a lot more. In Syria during the same time many more civilians were murdered and the world did not care. Israel has done enough more then any country in history. More then America did Afghanistan and Iraq and more then England did to the Germans and more the Us did in Nakasaki and Hiroshima. This new standard of war is a form of mental illness that leads to more innocents dying.

Excellent article
I agree with your thoughts
Israel has to show respect for the innocent civilians Women and children which are being killed every day in Gaza
Israel Should lift the blockage of Gaza and history should not repeat itself to citizens in Gaza with another holocaust, citizens who deserve to live in peace like normal citizens rather than living in an open prison
Please show respect to humanity

Evil occurs when good men do nothing,you have done something,find more good men and persuade them to do something then try to find good men among your enemy's and eventually it will stop because there will be more good men than idiots who want to do evil.good luck and hope to all who try.

Well said. We cannot continue trading blame and insults 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth just leaves the whole world blind and toothless. There must be good men and women on each side who will eventually come out and forbid further madness by either side

Do you think Israel is happy to blow up buildings? Do you think Israel likes to kill civilians?
Do you think that the soldiers of Israel enjoy endanger their life? You think they do any pleasure from the death of people?
As a combat soldier have never prided myself even killing terrorists, it's hard to be a part of the harsh reality of the ongoing killing on both sides.
I believe that without a more complex reality that generation after generation of educated for the destruction of Israel. Israel was the first to build a harbor and skyscrapers in Gaza.
And the fact is that before the rise of Hamas, there wasn't a fence and many of the residents worked in Israel and lived a normal life.
That Hamas seeks to lift the blockade is also the one who created it with hatred and fierce desire to destroy Israel
Lifting the blockade on Gaza is not a logical solution that sands far from reality, without thought for the future. with all the Empathy for the suffering of all citizens, free hand for residents of Gaza will bring the destruction of Israel, and the weapons they will not be left to accumulate rust. But soon will be used against Israel

An excellent and moving expression of the humanism to which we all should aspire. It is a sad commentary on the current level of debate that this article will be controversial in right-wing circles.

No, it will be not only "controversial" but rejected by anyone who sees Hamas offering no alternative to Israel except continued operations against Gaza as long as Hamas exists (as it offers no end to its death wish for Gazans and Israelis alike). Anyone with their brain functioning realizes, on investigation, that the IDF does all humanly possible, in the circumstances, to avoid killing innocents. And that Hamas seeks out human shields.

On Aug. 3 the US State Dept issued similarly absurd instructions to Israel, as if the US government had any better method of fighting urban terrorists. The world knows what U.S. military operations, including drone strikes, have killed innocents, as in Afghanistan and wherever else the US intervenes militarily.

Israel has displayed a humanitarianism far superior to any other nation facing an existential threat.

The IDF or air force does not warn the homes of terrorists or other targets with Hamas members thought to be inside before shelling, bombing or shooting them.

how do you know? what is your source? How do you know it is reliable?

Thanks for continuous and selfless efforts towards justice, education, sensitisation, peace and reconciliation amongst the two semitic races of the world ie the Jews and the Arabs.
The Jews and Arabs have the inalienable rights for life and to live. These rights are given by the All Creator and one has the right to refuse any of God's creatures these rights.
I have heard people saying Israel should be wiped out from the surface of the earth, this is not an Islamic view because it is Allah who raised MUSA and HARUN( AS ) to free the Jews front bondage by the Pharoah and lead them to the Promised Land (CANAAN).
Unfortunately the ZIONISTS have seized power from the practising Jews and have since partitioned the Palestinian land and occupy it with the help of British colonial overseas rule. Till today Palestine has been reduced to strips of territories and not a sovereign State by the Zionists.
Israel will never be in by force and Palestine must unite and seek all peaceful ways to end the occupation. Both parties will continue to be in a situation of socio-economic and military and political limbo without PEACE. PEACE HAVE NO PRICE. ISRAEL CANNOT ATTAIN IT'S OBJECTIVES BY BULLYING.
Keep up this flame burning, you have done a lot, you have reached to so many, how I pray all the peace lovers and sponsors contribute to your efforts.