The People vs. Moses
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11/01/2012 | | Opinion

Kadi Iyad Zahalka, the judge of the Muslim Shariya court in Jerusalem of the state of Israel, and I were grateful for the opportunity to be able to present our ideas about “the other peace process” to a number of New York audiences in recent days.

11/01/2012 | | Opinion

On the night Hurricane Sandy roared in, as two giant trees sandwiched my house and pierced the garage roof, it felt like the world itself was crashing down.  We were seeing before our eyes an undoing of the primordial act of order.  In Genesis, a wind brought about a separation of earthly and heavenly waters, and then a separation of water from dry land.  But with Sandy, the waters of the deep appeared to be reclaiming that coastline and undoing that initial act of separation.

10/31/2012 | | Opinion

I am not endorsing a candidate for the November 6 election.  I do have a strong opinion but that opinion is personal.

The reason for this message is because I sense a great deal of emotion – actually, anger – in the Jewish community as it faces a critical choice for America.  The anger is beneath the surface but every once in a while it reveals itself in vituperative and mean-spirited language that is expressed between otherwise well-meaning people.

10/25/2012 | | Opinion

There is a t-shirt that someone bought for me last year that has the words “Rabbis” and “Cheshvan” printed on it along with a huge heart. This t-shirt, created by Rabbi Rachel Silverman, acknowledges that once the Hebrew month of Tishrei and all of its holidays are finally complete, we rabbis fall in love with Cheshvan. It is no secret that the month is usually a lot quieter and easier for us.

10/23/2012 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given in to the temptation he has felt all this year — to shatter the gridlock in his sprawling, multi-party cabinet by calling an early election for Jan. 22. If he can win a bigger majority in the Knesset, he can handpick more of his own ministers.

That election date comes about four months before Netanyahu’s deadline for a fateful decision on how to stop Iran’s steadily advancing uranium enrichment — the “red line” he drew with a magic marker at the United Nations in New York two weeks ago.