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06/04/2013 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Israel has been much in the news lately, and a good portion of the coverage over the past months has been good. That in itself is news.

A recent Bloomberg survey showed that the Israeli shekel is currently among the strongest of 31 major currencies, a result of the booming economy. Also in May, after decades of Israel importing every drop of fuel, natural gas began to flow from the Mediterranean.

05/28/2013 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Orthodox women are making history in front of our eyes. On June 16, three women will be ordained to serve, in effect, as Orthodox rabbis, given the title of Maharat (an acronym for the Hebrew words meaning leader in legal, spiritual and Torah matters).

05/28/2013 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Spring is here and it’s time to dream and plan for summer. 

No, we haven’t been dreaming about the beach or surfing the Internet for exotic destinations; our sights are much closer to home.

05/28/2013 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Each time I hear “There’s a place for us” – the stirring plea for tolerance and acceptance sung by the ethnically mismatched lovers of “West Side Story” — I am reminded that it pinpoints a Jewish sensibility that influenced the show’s composer and lyricist. Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s musical about prejudice transformed Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet into an American classic.

05/24/2013 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

Love of country, love of Jewish community and love of Israel. Those have been driving forces for Frank Lautenberg, who is nearing the end of his career in the United States Senate, and they are the qualities that make an upcoming tribute by the Jewish community something I am proud to commemorate.

05/21/2013 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Opinion

In the nearly two years that I have worked in the field of Jewish day school finance, no topic has generated more emotion or been the subject of more debate than the issue of Jewish day school affordability.