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10/13/2015 - 20:00 | | Musings

A  psychiatrist received the following postcard from a vacationing former patient: “Having a wonderful time. Why?”

10/07/2015 - 20:00 | | Musings

Not long ago, I was sent a picture of myself at a very young age. As it was just before Yom Kippur, I began to wonder about the person in that picture — what would he think of the adult he had become?

09/30/2015 - 20:00 | | Special to the Jewish Week | Musings

The Torah warns the backsliding Israelites that they will “Grope in midday as a blind man gropes in darkness” [Deut. 28:29]. Of course, darkness is the same as midday to a blind man, but the Talmud reminds us that at midday the man can be seen, and others will help him.

09/22/2015 - 20:00 | | Musings

One of the many gifts my father left me was a few hundred index cards with rabbinic quotations, stories, quips and teachings. Looking through them the other day I found this clipping from one James Hodgson, who lived in Salt Lake City:

09/16/2015 - 20:00 | | Musings

It is commonplace to say that we are unique. The flip side is that except for you, the world is composed of other people.

09/08/2015 - 20:00 | | Musings

Rosh HaShanah is the only holiday without a limit. It literally celebrates everything.