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09/06/2011 | Musings

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Musings gives itself over to Edna St. Vincent Millay’s 1928 poem, “Dirge with Music,” which balances loss and resolve.

08/30/2011 | | Musings

The Midrash tells of Rabbi Joshua Ben Levi who went walking through the streets of Rome. There he saw the pillars of great buildings covered in tapestries so that they would not contract and split with variations of temperature. Along the same path he saw a poor man who was dressed in sackcloth. Rabbi Joshua noted the splendor with which buildings were covered and the poverty of people.

08/23/2011 | | Musings

You cannot understand a landscape, Claude Levi Strauss famously wrote in “Tristes Tropiques,” unless you know what lies beneath the surface. Deep structures explain the features we can see. Similarly, casual readers of the Bible cannot grasp its meaning unless they know the deep structure.

08/16/2011 | | Musings

The Israelites, having been slaves, are freed only to then receive God’s law. At first glance, this might seem to encumber them yet again. But slaves are subject not to law, but to will. The more law, the freer. Listen to R.W. Southern in his classic book “The Making of the Middle Ages” discuss the development of law:

08/09/2011 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Musings

The 20th century saw many attempts to refashion the nature of human beings: Communism, eugenics, social Darwinism and others. Each resulted in catastrophe and tragedy. Much of the literature of totalitarianism — “1984,” “Brave New World,” “Darkness at Noon” — chronicles the horror of “perfecting” people or society.

08/02/2011 | | Special To The Jewish Week | Musings

In his book “Ambition,” Joseph Epstein points out that a large percentage of tax fraud is reported by the business associates and “friends” of the offenders. Indignation is peaked most often by those with whom we are close. As comedian Kathy Landsman says, holidays when we gather with our families are “chances to renew resentments afresh.”