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The Divine Spark
Tue, 08/05/2014 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week
Rabbi David Wolpe
Rabbi David Wolpe

The Jewish people brought the idea of one God to the world. Although there have been vastly different ideas about the nature of that God — including the recognition that we cannot, with our limited capacities, truly know God’s nature — one thing has remained consistent. Whatever God is, the existence of God demands certain things from human beings.

A belief in God in the Jewish tradition means that human beings are obligated to goodness. They are committed to the idea that life is sacred and a gift. Whatever God is, each human being carries within herself or himself a spark of divinity, an echo of eternity.

Jewish discussion is often centered on worldly considerations. Peoplehood, land, social issues and ideologies dominate the communal agenda. But as Jews we ought never to forget that our greatest contribution to humanity is the idea that all human beings are kin because we are all the children of one God. For thousands of years we have borne the blessing and burden of this message. Our world needs it now as urgently as ever.

Rabbi David Wolpe is spiritual leader of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter: @RabbiWolpe

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I'm sure those words of comfort were in Daniel pearls mind when his head was cut off as well as the millions of european jews being led to the gas chambers and ovens and mass graves. Keep your liberal drivel crap to yourself

Sorry "rabbi"-not all people are children of G_D !!
If you remember your Chumash -Amalek-,Nazis, Communists,Crusaders,etc
They are to be eradicated from the earth.They forsook G-G a long time ago and
he disowned them.That is the real Jewish thinking on the matter and not your claptrap !

Amen! I love the teachings of Judaism. There is a simplicity within the convoluted and profound.
The burden and the gift challenged me since as a young girl, I would listen to Grandfather's teachings.
The gift, overwhelming and humbling. The burden, a joy and a privilege . Thank you for your teaching,
I am learning so much from you!

We Jews do not forget that mankind is bound to be kind to all, however we are also, as Jews, being kind by protecting ourselves- kindness to us , in view of the lack of kindness of certain others.

How can i get a bible a Jewish bible in translated in English?

Amen Rabbi.