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02/11/2015 | Letters

The sudden downfall of FEGS (“Questions Loom In Wake Of FEGS’ Fall,” Feb 6) is truly shocking and a great loss for the people of New York and the Human Services community. FEGS has been an important part of the social safety net for tens of thousands of New Yorkers and has been an important employer of our students and our graduates.

02/11/2015 | | Letters

George Rohr’s op-ed provides us with a salient and powerful message: Day
schools help ensure a vibrant Jewish future (“Tackling The Day School Affordability Crisis,” Education Supplement, Jan. 30). And in order for day schools to
survive and thrive, they need long-term viable income streams. Investing in
and building endowments for day schools addresses that critical need.Over the past several years, Los Angeles has also been investing in day
school endowments. 

02/04/2015 | | Letters

Over the past several weeks, Brandeis has come under fire for the Kahdija Lynch/ Daniel Mael fiasco, as you reported in the online article, “Amid Threats, Jewish Blogger Returns,” Jan. 21. Brandeis is depicted as being a campus that is full of hatred, anger, rage, and even sporadic anti-Semitism. Stories about security on campus and battles over freedom of speech have been shared widely.

02/04/2015 | | Letters

In Gary Rosenblatt’ Jan. 23 Between the Lines column, “Can Pro- Israel Films Connect With A Wider
Audience?,” the answer is yes.

02/04/2015 | | Letters

The question posed by Rabbi Charles Feinberg in his Jewish Week Opinion piece, “Drone Warfare: Who Shall Live And Who Shall Die?,” Jan. 23, is indeed an essential question posed in our Rosh HaShanah liturgy that brings tears to my eyes. I think often of the young and old, healthy and infirm, that are maimed and brutally massacred by terror.

02/04/2015 | | Letters

I read with interest the article on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
(“Keeping Their Eyes On The Prize?,” Jan. 23) by Doug Chandler. As for
the controversy surrounding the elimination of Abraham Joshua Heschel from
the film “Selma,” I wonder if Dr. King would have wanted Heschel omitted?