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10/01/2015 | | Letters

I am thrilled to see Shulem Deen publicizing the intentional neglect of basic
education in the chasidic world and implying there appears to be a still
darker (illegal) side (“Chasidic Schools Ensure Ignorance And Poverty,” Opinion, Sept. 18).

09/23/2015 | | Executive Director, Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy | Letters

As the grateful wife of a Yeshiva University employee and mother of a student at Stern
College, I am writing to congratulate Richard Joel on the creation of the Center for the Jewish Future (“Existentially, Yeshiva Is Not In Trouble,” Sept. 18). 

09/23/2015 | | Letters

After attending Iddo Netanyahu’s play, “A Happy End” (“The Handwriting On The Wall,” Well Versed blog, March 13), at City College, I write to share my experience. 

09/23/2015 | | Founder, Director, 
Manhattan Jewish Experience | Letters

While I commend innovative attempts to engage less affiliated 20s/30s in Jewish life (“High Holidays For Millennials But Far From Shul,” Sept. 18) and have spent my career doing the same, we have to consider not simply what will attract millennials for a one-time High Holiday service, but what will keep them coming back. 

09/23/2015 | | Letters

Regarding Robert Sugarman’s Opinion essay, “The Day After Is Now” (Sept. 18): While clearly the “vicious rhetoric needs to be toned down,” as always, what good is “unity” in the absence of action and accountability? 

09/23/2015 | | Letters

The resources The Jewish Week put into identifying and trying to rectify the grave problems created by some yeshivas’ failure to provide an adequate secular education for their students are another mark of your courageous and caring leadership (“Yeshiva Reformers Brace For A Fight,” Sept. 11).