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06/11/2014 | | Letters

Pope Francis came and he went. (“Wall To Wall Symbolism,” May 30) As for the warm relations between Jerusalem and the Vatican, his finding it necessary to pray at the security wall with its inferred condemnation of Israel and the reference to a nonexistent state of Palestine, is hardly in concert with fondness.

06/11/2014 | | Letters

Re: “Israelis Debate Responses To PA’s Unity Government” (June 6). For many years a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians has been elusive because it required the approval of four parties: the secular and ultra-Orthodox on the Israeli side and the Palestinian Authority and Hamas on the Palestinian side. Since the two parties on each side did not agree with each other, suffice it to say there could be no agreement that would satisfy all the Israelis and the Palestinians.

06/11/2014 | | Letters

In response to Yossi Prager’s Opinion piece, “Israel
Education: One Size Does Not Fit All” (June 6), I believe that in order to give day
school students a comprehensive knowledge of Israel we have to present a
curriculum that leads students on a consistent journey throughout their
education. Abrams Hebrew Academy uses a curriculum developed by the Lookstein
Center, Bar Ilan University to help us do that.

06/05/2014 | | Letters

The concept of the “Evil Eye,” discussed in Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “The Power And Pitfalls of Superstation” (May 16) is not a bubbe meise ITAL but founded in Biblical sources. For example, in parsha Vayechi (Bereishit /Genesis

48:16), Jacob bestows upon his grandsons Ephraim and Menassah the blessing: “May they proliferate abundantly like fish within the land.”

06/05/2014 | Letters

Regarding Walter Ruby’s article, (“Civil War In Little Odessa,” May 30): The Russian American Foundation (RAF) promotes awareness and tolerance of New York City’s Russian-speaking communities, inclusive of all its diverse groups; Jewish, non-Jewish, Ukrainian, Russian, Bukharian and others.