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07/29/2015 | | Letters

Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Fault Lines Widen As Iran Deal Debate Intensifies” (July 24) noted that “the majority of American Jews appear to support” the Iran deal. As evidence, you cited a J Street poll claiming that 59 percent of American Jews “are in favor” of the deal. In fact, that poll was taken at the beginning of June, six weeks before the agreement was reached.

07/29/2015 | | Letters

Thanks to The Jewish Week for documenting an important part of the record of Iran’s state sponsored terrorism (“Iran’s Role Recalled On AMIA Anniversary, Editorial, July 24”).

07/29/2015 | | Letters

Before yesterday (July 22), I had both endorsed and urged others to 
attend the “Stop Iran Now” rally in Times Square (“Fault Lines Widen as Iran Debate Intensifies,” July 24).

07/29/2015 | Letters

We are survivor leaders from across the U.S. who participated in the recent
 Claims Conference meetings (“Claims Conference Facing New Pressures,” July 17). There is a huge disconnect between the work of 
the Claims Conference and what is reported in the press. In each of our
 communities, New York, South Florida, and Boston, we see the difference that
 the Claims Conference is making.

07/29/2015 | | Letters

It would be nice if our elected political leaders read the Iran nuclear agreement before they attacked it and the international negotiators and allies that brought it forward for their review and approval (“A Deal With The Devil,” Editorial, July 17).

07/22/2015 | | Letters

Jonathan Mark’s fine [job on his] piece on Judah P. Benjamin notwithstanding (“The Lost Cause, Jewishly,” July 17), it is important you correct the inaccurate historical note.