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10/08/2014 | | Letters

Not easy to hear the truth, but essential (“Dershowitz: Carter, Tutu Have Gaza ‘Blood On Their Hands,’” Oct. 3).

Dershowitz, besides being brilliant, possesses real moral clarity. Wish the apologist Jews among us would finally listen.

10/08/2014 | | Letters

Regarding Richard Cohen’s new book, “Israel: Is It Good For The Jews?” (Editor’s column, Oct. 3), it should be noted that gloom and doom predictions have been made about Israel, going back to before the state was created. In 1948, George Marshall, then Secretary of State and wartime Army Chief of Staff, warned President Truman that the Jews in Palestine would need two American divisions, some 40,000 men, to keep from being overrun [by Arab armies]. The prophets of Israel's doom have been wrong ever since.

10/08/2014 | Letters

Gary Rosenblatt expresses frustration about the absence of Jewish education in showing how a
commitment to protecting the environment is rooted in Jewish tradition (“An Inconvenient Truth,” Editor’s column, Sept. 26).

10/01/2014 | | Members of the Board, Religious Zionists of America | Letters

Gary Rosenblatt reports in his column, “At Year’s End, Struggling To Stay Together” (Sept. 19), that at a recent meeting of 50 Jewish “thought leaders and communal activists” in Baltimore, participants noted that many in the Jewish community measure the success or failure of Jewish education according to “the choice of a Jewish marriage partner.” Certainly despite other religious differences in the Jewish community, there is a broad consensus that intermarriage is undesirable.

10/01/2014 | | Letters

The Sept. 26 front-page headline: “Klinghoffer’ Protest Moves Beyond Right Wing” should be a wake-up call, unfortunately, late in the game. Why do the “center” and the “left” award the “right” a monopoly on looking out for Jewish interests, speaking out and being proud Jews? 


10/01/2014 | | Executive Director | Letters

Two articles in your Sept. 26 issue describe the organized efforts of “the right flank of the Jewish community” to stop the Metropolitan Opera presentation of the pro-terrorist opera, “The Death Of Klinghoffer” (“‘Klinghoffer’ Protest Moves Beyond Right Wing” and “Operatic Rage At Met Protest”).