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09/07/2016 - 09:37 | | Letters

Quoting from Gary Rosenblatt’s Sept. 2 column, “Anatomy of a Takedown”: “This is a ... tale of what can happen when the impulse among some ... to lash out — in a fierce and often personally damaging way — with whom they disagree plays out. It’s about the harmful ripple effect fueled by... a facts-and-intention-be-damned approach: Ready, Fire, Aim. ...The results, fed by self/righteousness ... and a miscalculation and feelings of hurt and alienation.”

09/07/2016 - 09:28 | | Letters

As the chairman of the board at Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn, I am writing to express my disappointment with your inaccurate and erroneous reporting (“Day School Teachers’ Battle For Back Wages Coming To A Head,” Sept. 2).

08/31/2016 - 00:19 | | Letters

I am so thrilled that Hilary Danailova decided to share her “find” with readers of her Travel column in “Old Kishinev’s Hybrid Culture” (Aug. 26), which discusses her discovery of Moldova’s Jewish community.

08/31/2016 - 00:18 | | Letters

In “Lifeline For The Aliyah From Hell” (Aug. 26), reporter Michele Chabin quotes a disgruntled American oleh: “I’d had enough, that they bring us here and drop us like a hot potato.”

08/31/2016 - 00:17 | | Letters

With all due regard for Robert Sugarman’s past service to Israel and the Jewish people, his narrow perspective in “The Pressing Need for a Two-State Strategy” (Opinion, Aug. 5) fails to take into account the dynamics of many parties bearing responsibility for the lack of progress in reaching a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

08/24/2016 - 00:04 | | Letters

Poor Abraham Ibn Ezra! In Jewish discussions of the authorship of the Pentateuch, in particular of the Book of Deuteronomy (Devarim), this great 12th-century commentator and linguist has been so often misquoted, misinterpreted and misunderstood.