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09/22/2010 | | COO, Ohel, Brooklyn | Letters

Comparing Dr. Eliezer Schnall’s data with Drs. David and Karyn Feinberg’s earlier data, one can indeed conclude that the glass is half full (“Orthodox Mental Health Needs Not Being Met: Study,” Aug. 20).

09/22/2010 | | Monsey, N.Y. | Letters

It would be hard to imagine that even Woody Allen could come up with a scene more comically cynical than the following: A woman attends Rosh HaShanah services, opens the book to the correct page, stands up and sits down with everyone else, but does not pray because she does not believe in an “external” God (“Choosing Soul Over Mind,” Sept. 3).

09/22/2010 | Letters

Perhaps the most poignant tragedy of American Jewish life is the incessant institutional turf wars. Your report on tensions between the Boca Raton Jewish community center and neighboring synagogues over High Holiday programs highlights this disheartening trend (“JCC, Synagogues In Holy War In Boca,” Sept. 3).

09/15/2010 | | Greensboro Jewish Federation, Greensboro, N.C. | Letters

We were delighted to see the recognition given to the American Hebrew Academy, one of the many gems in our Jewish community (“For Jewish Boarding School, It’s Old Wine In New Bottle,” Aug. 20). However, we were equally dismayed by author Steven Bayme’s reference to “the relative weakness of Greensboro as a Jewish community.”

09/15/2010 | | Immediate Past President, Mount Sinai Jewish Center, Washington Heights | Letters

I enjoyed reading the front-page article about my community, “Washington Heights Jews Caught In A Growth Bind” (Aug. 13). There has not been much press coverage of the amazing growth of the young, Modern Orthodox community here, and I feel it is unfortunate that the first article on the topic is about who is leaving, and not who is moving in.

09/15/2010 | | Rishon Lezion, Israel | Letters

Your Washington correspondent, James D. Besser, has written a comprehensive piece concerning the talks between Israel and the Palestinians on a face-to-face level (“Renewed Talks Seen Carrying Big Risks,” Aug. 27). The truth is that no one, neither in America or in Israel, has high hopes for a successful outcome of the talks.