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10/04/2011 | | Letters

So first Ed Koch spends two months urging the Jewish voters of the 9th Congressional District to vote against the Democratic candidate, David Weprin — an observant Jew whose positions on Israel and record of service to the Jewish community are indisputably solid.

Koch’s goal was to “send a message” of displeasure with the Obama administration’s Middle East policy. 

10/04/2011 | | Letters

I’ve never written you [to Jonathan Mark] before, but “Days of Awe” (Sept. 30) pushed me to my keyboard. I lost my wife six months ago after a tough four years with cancer. Your piece was the Shabbos Shuva drasha [sermon] I really wanted to hear.

10/04/2011 | | Letters

Thank you, Jonathan Mark, for writing the moving article about Matt Fenster and his courageous struggle (“Days Of Awe,” Sept. 30).

I did not know Matt, but learned of his illness last year through a donor drive. I was moved by his circumstances and sent a check. I remember asking myself, why him? Why does one get this adversity? We all get challenges, but they hopefully make us stronger. But his challenge was insurmountable. And it seemed to happen to a nice guy, one of us.

10/04/2011 | | Letters

Thank you very much for Jonathan Mark’s moving article about my very dear friend Matt Fenster (“Days Of Awe,” Sept. 30).
I think he really captured and relayed to the reader the special nature of Matt’s neshama (soul). The article has helped foster continued discussion in the Riverdale community about Matt and helped the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale (CSAIR) community deal with our collective grief.

09/27/2011 | | Manhattan | Letters

I have returned from Australia where I facilitated and presented at a national conference of Israel education, organized by the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) in Melbourne. The conference was attended by representatives of almost every Zionist day school from across Australia, and from across the ideological and religious spectrum. Despite the differences of ideology, there was a tremendous amount of mutual respect and cooperation.

09/27/2011 | | Vice President, Israel Relations Jewish National Fund | Letters

Robert Cherry's statement in his Opinion piece, “Zionist Policies Towards Israeli Arabs” (Sept. 23) that “93 percent of Israeli land is in the hands of the Jewish National Fund (JNF)” is totally incorrect.

Perhaps he is confusing JNF with the Israel Land Authority (ILA), which is a government agency that manages land in Israel. JNF owns about 13 percent of the land in Israel. It also owns land in both Syria and Jordan. Neither government allows JNF to utilize those lands.