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05/03/2011 | | East Brunswick, N.J. | Letters

My answers to Daniel Schifrin’s questions are more questions (“Next Question…” Back Of The Book, April 22).

05/03/2011 | | Letters

May I point out that it is not only Jewish property that has not been returned after the fall of Communism (“Poland’s Foreign Minister Misspeaks On Restitution,” Opinion, April 8)?

I would find it utterly unfair if only Jewish property was returned to its rightful owners. Just like it is unfair that property belonging only to religious institutions was returned. There are many more people in Poland waiting for some kind of restitution to happen.

05/03/2011 | | Brooklyn | Letters

As grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, we know that Dr. Meir Wikler is correct when he posits that Yom HaShoah observance is not the only criterion used to remember the Holocaust. Especially for haredi Jews (“The Haredim And Yom HaShoah,” April 29).

The matriarch of our extended family, our 90-year-old grandmother, has captivated us with deeply personal stories of loss, faith and renewal out of the ashes of Polish Jewry.

05/03/2011 | | Letters

Rabbi Lawrence Zieler is searching for methods to stimulate our youth to greater connection to the Jewish community while they are finishing their high school years and preparing to embark on college (“Mentoring The Next Generation,” Opinion, April 29). A great model already exists — the post-high-school year in Israel.

If you check out the leadership in Hillels across the country you will find a disproportionate number of leaders spent the year in Israel either in yeshivot and seminaries or the various year-course options.

05/03/2011 | | Foreign Media Liaison, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem | Letters

In your April 29 “N.Y. Minute” interview (“The Haredim And Yom HaShoah”), Dr. Meir Wikler criticizes Yad Vashem while at the same time inexplicably taking credit for various shifts he notes in Yad Vashem’s Holocaust History Museum.

04/27/2011 | Letters

The Purim spoof (March 18) was really hilarious in spots and funny as a whole. I wish you had a similar four-page insert every week. Laughs are needed today, even more than usual, in a weak economy.

Richard Friedman