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12/27/2011 | | Letters

Yes, non-Orthodox and Orthodox are going in opposite directions, but not for the reasons the letter writer states (“Nothing To Discuss,” Letters, Dec. 16).

Some haredi Jews in Israel believe that their young men should be exempt from the military service in the Israel Defense Forces that is necessary to protect Israel from its many threats, preferring to leave that task to the “heathen” Conservative and Reform, so that ultra-Orthodox young men can continue their yeshiva studies without the distraction of the military. 

12/27/2011 | | Letters

As a regular reader I was disappointed by the article "Savoring Hummus (And More) In Abu Gosh" (Dec. 2 supplement). While I realize that the majority of your readers do not keep kosher, I am saddened that your newspaper would choose to publicize and promote treife [non-kosher] restaurants in an Arab-Israeli town near Jerusalem.

12/27/2011 | | Letters

Regarding Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “A Great Miracle Happened Where?” Dec. 23), it’s even more complicated [the relationship between American and Israeli Jews]. As an older American Jew, I have other thoughts on what they [Israelis] are thinking and what they really think of us. I wonder what they think of themselves ... Do they see themselves only as Israelis — not as Israeli Jews? Do they see us only as non-Israelis, not as Jews, and their yordim [expatriates] only as yordim, not as Jews?

12/27/2011 | | Letters

If you check your archival sources you will see that The Jewish Week has quoted Daniel Pipes hundreds of times over the past 30 years. Evidently the Jewish Week finds Pipes to be a dependable and quotable resource.

12/27/2011 | | Letters

Thomas Friedman should go down in history as one of Israel’s greatest admirers (“Times’ Friedman Responds To ‘Israel Lobby’ Phrase,” Dec. 23).

After all, he credits Israel with an amazing feat, namely “engineering” more than 400 members of Congress to give Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a standing ovation against their inner convictions and despite the efforts of the well-funded petrodollar lobby.

Herzliya, Israel

12/27/2011 | Letters

UJA-Federation of New York is proud to have launched its new effort of outreach to intermarried families, reported in The Jewish Week [“UJA-Fed Launches Outreach to Intermarrieds,” Dec. 9] and now the subject of a response by Jack Wertheimer [“New Outreach to Intermarrieds Makes Wrong Assumptions,” Dec. 16].