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07/03/2012 | | Letters

The Jewish Week’s editorial concerning Charles Barron left me scratching my head (“Representing Brooklyn On Capitol Hill,” June 22).

Shortly after it appeared, Barron was endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke as they share a similar hatred for Israel. And although Barron dismissed the endorsement as “foolishness,” he pointedly did not condemn Duke or his blatant anti-Semitism.

07/03/2012 | Letters

In light of the letter in the June 15 issue by H. Lewis criticizing the New York Jewish Community Relations Council, we think it imperative to respond.

07/03/2012 | | Letters

Rabbi Laura Geller’s innovative creation of 13 “merit badges” which defined the path to the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony recalled for me my exciting years as a Boy Scout decades ago (“URJ Overhauling The Bar/Bat Mitzvah,” Editor’s column, June 22).

It made me wonder whether the “terminal degree” function of the bar/bat mitzvah could be replaced and thought of as only a transitional step in the development of one’s Jewish identity by using the Boy Scout model.

07/03/2012 | | Letters

The fine interview of Susan Weidman Schneider in the “Jewish Women Now” special section (“A Journalistic Room of One’s Own,” June 22) gets it partly wrong in characterizing Schneider as “founding editor.”

07/03/2012 | | Letters

I’m convinced. Mel Gibson should not play Judah Maccabee (“Mel Gibson and Judah Maccabee? Not a Good Mix,” Opinion, May 25). In fact, Gibson should crawl into some dark hole, never to be heard from again.

07/03/2012 | | Letters

There has been lots of attention paid to the recent census numbers of New York’s Jewish population regarding the shrinking middle, i.e., Jews that are identified as belonging to the Conservative and Reform movements (“Sweeping Changes To Jewry Seen In N.Y. Population Survey,” June 15). Let us not just bemoan the situation.

Let us take action, seek out, welcome and entice the uncommitted of all ages, the intermarried, all those who have not shared in a meaningful Jewish experience or do not as yet identify in a positive way with being Jewish.