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12/27/2011 | | Letters

Thomas Friedman should go down in history as one of Israel’s greatest admirers (“Times’ Friedman Responds To ‘Israel Lobby’ Phrase,” Dec. 23).

After all, he credits Israel with an amazing feat, namely “engineering” more than 400 members of Congress to give Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a standing ovation against their inner convictions and despite the efforts of the well-funded petrodollar lobby.

Herzliya, Israel

12/27/2011 | Letters

UJA-Federation of New York is proud to have launched its new effort of outreach to intermarried families, reported in The Jewish Week [“UJA-Fed Launches Outreach to Intermarrieds,” Dec. 9] and now the subject of a response by Jack Wertheimer [“New Outreach to Intermarrieds Makes Wrong Assumptions,” Dec. 16].

12/20/2011 | | Letters

About “A Time of Zealots” (Editorial, Dec. 16): We always speak about Israel being a democracy and the rule of law being supreme. Illegal outposts, homes built without proper documentation must be removed — as Israel is a country of laws. But is this oft-repeated mantra really true? There is ample evidence to suggest otherwise. Let’s start with the illegal mosque being built on the Mount of Olives. A mosque is being built there without government permits and located just a stone’s throw from the special burial ground of a former prime minister of Israel.

12/20/2011 | | Letters

My esteemed Jewish Theological Seminary professor, Dr. Jack Wertheimer, in his “Outreach to Intermarrieds Makes Wrong Assumptions” (Opinion, Dec. 16) takes UJA-Federation of New York to task for its recent report on welcoming intermarried families.

12/20/2011 | | Letters

Like any other advertiser, Israel’s Ministry of Absorption offered a claim and a benefit its competition couldn’t make (“Israelis And Us: It’s Complicated,” Between the Lines, Dec. 9). The warm and fuzzy promise of a society that speaks the language of your youth or your need to share the moments unique to the State of Israel are not necessarily persuasive benefits to come home, but at least the claim is credible. At the very least, America can’t make that claim.

12/20/2011 | | Letters

The South Wing to Zion advertisement (Dec. 16) about Ethiopian Jews being able to celebrate Chanukah with their families in Israel highlights a scandal of many years — keeping members of the Falash Mura community (modern-day Marranos) in deplorable and life-threatening conditions in Ethiopia, with a series of excuses as to why they cannot be brought to Israel.