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02/14/2012 | | Letters

Rav Bina abused other boys, and I smiled as hard as I could, trying to show him that I was his friend. Rav Bina said in shiur [class] that the only good homosexual is a dead homosexual, that the Skokie Yeshiva has killed more Jewish souls than the Holocaust, and to one boy he said, “God hates you,” and I smiled as hard as I could, praying that he would not pick on me next.

Rav Bina threw my friend Eli out of yeshiva in the first month just to show us he was boss, and I stood by and smiled as hard as I could so that I would not be next.

02/14/2012 | | Letters

I am a former student of Yeshivat HaKotel and am writing to express my disgust at the hatchet job your newspaper perpetrated against Rabbi Aharon Bina (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far?” Jan. 27).

02/14/2012 | | Letters

David Sable used the Beit Shemesh fiasco as an opportunity to lash out viciously against other Jews in his article, “Stop Enabling Our Jewish Fanatics”(Opinion, Jan. 20).

First of all, the worst sign of bigotry is to lump everyone together and to tar them with the same brush. As a Jew, Sable should be aware that this has been done too many times in the course of our history with terrible results.

02/14/2012 | | Letters

In your article, “Mission Accomplished, Ecumenically” (Feb. 3), Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch is to be commended for his interfaith trip to Israel, and in doing so has changed many attitudes toward Jews and Israel. I just wish that he would also visit Efrat and other well-established Jewish towns in the West Bank to try to give his guests a balanced approach to what some people call an occupation.

I know he is against the settlements but in the true nature of democracy, giving a chance to those he doesn’t agree with would make him more enlightening.

02/14/2012 | | Letters

In his recent writings about Jewish teens, Len Saxe has suggested that based on the work of Amy Sales, “we need big ideas that can be implemented and evaluated … and have the reach of a mega-program, such as Taglit-Birthright Israel” (“Engaging Jewish Teens Through A Jewish Service Corps,” Opinion, Dec. 30). 

The outstanding record of accomplishment in terms of outreach and retention by Jewish Student Union (JSU) high school clubs showcases unprecedented level of engagement. It’s a big idea that’s working.

02/07/2012 | | Letters

I would like to express my gratitude to The Jewish Week for publishing William Rapfogel’s timely opinion piece, “When Jewish Foundations Ignore Core Needs” (Jan. 20). Finally, one of the leaders in the Jewish world went on a limb to discuss the unfortunate philosophies and practices of some foundations ignoring the plight of the impoverished Jewish population.