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Others Have Rights, Too
Tue, 10/29/2013 - 20:00

I wish to strongly disagree with your Editorial, “An Arresting Development In Israel” (Oct. 18).  In the real world, you don’t have the right to do whatever you want; you have to consider the sensibilities of others.

In regard to the Temple Mount, it has been a Muslim place of worship for over 1,200 years. Muslims believe that it

was the place where Mohammed ascended to heaven. Jews have not prayed there since 135 CE. To unilaterally demand the right to conduct a Jewish service there now is an act of religious arrogance. One would not demand the right to conduct a Jewish service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral without consent. Some day there may be enough mutual understanding to allow Muslims to share

the Temple Mount. However, the present is not that day.

In regard the Kotel, we have a similar arrogance. Contrary to the wishes of the Women at the Wall, the Kotel is an Orthodox synagogue. It may well be that some allowance should

be made for feminist and non-Orthodox worship. That change should be made by consent and not imposed unilaterally.


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Some "rights" are just so wrong!

We do not at all consent to the anti-Semitic acts which have continued to afflict us under the guise of "the rights" of different groups, some Jewish and some not Jewish.

A group cannot set up a camp or an alter or a practice that is against halacha, Jewish Law, no matter their beliefs or their protestations.

Even so, Jews are prohibited by Torah Law from ascending the Temple mount at present time. We pray that soon we may be able to with the coming of moshiach.