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Editorial & Opinion | Gary Rosenblatt

02/27/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

There is a crisis regarding perceptions of Israel on college campuses today. But it’s probably not the one you think it is.

02/20/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

It strikes me as praiseworthy, and more than a little sad, that the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York has created a position called “director of Jewish intracommunal affairs.”

02/11/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

“Would you like to win a Pulitzer Prize?” Rabbi David Hartman asked me one day, a number of years ago.

I said sure, and wondered why he asked.

02/05/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

One of the best-kept secrets in the New York Jewish community most certainly is the Museum of Tolerance in Midtown — and not by design.

01/30/2013 | | Editor And Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

It’s not often that Mideast events surprise Efraim Halevy, who served in the Mossad for 28 years (including four as director) and who also was head of the National Security Council and adviser to and confidante of four Israeli prime ministers.

01/23/2013 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

Natan Sharansky, chairman of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, was in New York for a quick two-day trip last week, meeting with a variety of American Jewish leaders on his newest assignment: seeking to resolve the conflict between women who want to hold prayer services at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and traditionalists who oppose them on religious grounds.