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03/24/2010 | | Letters

 Gary Rosenblatt deserves our approbation for bringing Jack Wertheimer’s incisive Commentary article to a broader audience (“Can We Afford To Make Others A Priority?” March 12).

I would encapsulate my reading of Wertheimer’s main point by paraphrasing the late Sy Syms: “A Jewishly educated Jew is our best Jew.”

03/24/2010 | | Gary Rosenblatt

 For the longest time, Jewish peoplehood was lived rather than discussed. But no longer.

Ever since the Israelites fled Egypt and crossed the Red Sea in miraculous fashion — a seminal act in Jewish history commemorated and celebrated in the upcoming Passover seders — the Jews have been a nation and a people.

03/18/2010 | | Gary Rosenblatt

Remember “The Poseidon Adventure,” the melodramatic 1972 film about a group of desperate passengers aboard an aging, ill-fated luxury liner about to sink?

03/11/2010 | | Letters

Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Toward A Level Praying Field” (March 5), would have brought a smile to the face of Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, z”l, and certainly would have been music to his ears. Thank you.

Great Neck, L.I.

03/10/2010 | | Editor And Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

A leading observer of the American Jewish scene says it is “madness” that Jewish communal institutions seem more focused these days on helping non-Jews than Jews.

03/03/2010 | | Editor and Publisher | Gary Rosenblatt

I consider myself a feminist, but when it comes to prayer, every morning I recite the ritual blessing thanking God “who has not made me a woman.” (At least I say that one softly, and with a tinge of guilt and confusion.)