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BJ Rabbis Went Too Far

American Jews should express opinions about Israel with the humility of non-combatants.

Mon, 12/10/2012

We American Jews get bent out of shape when we’re accused of dual loyalty. But the truth is many of us are guilty as charged when it comes to being proud Americans and supporting the people of Israel.

We should be proud, not ashamed of that fact.

And it’s also true that we give out mixed messages when we say American Jews should be unified in support of Israel, but that dialogue and debate between our two societies is a healthy sign of engagement, caring and passion.

I don’t see that as a contradiction, as long as our disagreements are expressed with compassion and a sense of humility – as non-combatants, if you will.

All of this comes to mind in light of the controversy over the Bnai Jeshurun rabbis of the Upper West Side endorsing the Palestinian Authority’s successful effort to upgrade its status at the UN. Even the rabbis’ revised, more apologetic statement said the UN vote was “a great moment” for all of us and a chance “to celebrate the process that allows a nation to come forward and ask for recognition.”

But that process should be through direct negotiations between the parties, not an end-around to avoid real talks.

I worry that Mahmoud Abbas showed his real colors in his speech the day of his big victory. Knowing he had the votes, he could have given an “I Have A Dream” talk about a future of two states for two peoples living alongside each other in peace. Instead he condemned Israel in the harshest terms, as he did at the General Assembly in September, accusing Jerusalem of ethnic cleansing, war crimes and genocide.

Besides proving he’s no Martin Luther King Jr., Abbas indicated his readiness to advance his efforts to demonize Israel.

Maybe such talk calls for celebration in the streets of Ramallah, but not on the bima of Bnai Jeshurun.

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These seminario rabbis think they are Marshall Meyer, they are not. This is nothing more than a jewish latino invasion bringing the dictatorial attitudes of various latin leaders, (not all) be it, Castro, Chavez or Noriega.

With all due respect to Liberals and Reconstructionist Rabbis who favor the UN vote for a fictitious people, I must beg to differ in the sense that this meaningless, anti-semitic organization has given credence to the notion that the Arabs could use any means (terrorism, lies, propoganda,etc...) to rob land from our homeland. Jews in America are living in fantasy world believing that these Arabs are content with just Ramallah and Hebron. If one listens to Hamas and Abbas, one would get the impression that what they want is the entire Israel, meaning another holocaust to the Jewish people.
Prior to World War 2, the Jewish community did not take Hitler seriously and did not believe one bit that he would commit such an atrocity. It is 2012 and Jews still do not believe that our enemy (the Arabs living in Judea, Samaria, Iran, Lebanon and Gaza) desires to eliminate our country and people. American Jewry pontificates that Israel must stop building more apartment buildings so they can give these Arabs another terrorist state to shoot rockets into Israel. When will the Jewish community unite and realize that we are facing another Hitler? When will we realize that peace with the Arabs does not work and we must be united as a people to combat this Hitler/Amalek?
There is a concept in Judaism called "Achdus". Instead of Jews supporting our enemy and giving them strength, I propose that we, the Jewish people, support our Jewish brethren in Israel and fight this enemy until they recognize the fact that Israel and the Jews are here forever. The UN vote shows the world is against us. Do we Jews also have to be divisive and support another Hitler? Unity is a must if Israel is going to survive for the future. I beg of the Jewish world- whether you are reform, conservative, Zatmar, Orthodox, reconstructionist- to unite before the situation worsens and we look back 20 years from now and say that we should have done something to prevent another Hitler like catastrophe. Kol Israel Arevim Zeh Bzeh!!!

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